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miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008


CONSIDERING that some friends from David's Garden. com
have expressed interest in our ideas, not different from those explained to some extent here, this one goes in Henry Miller's language or Samuel Clemens. Take your pick...

Middle East & Central Asia

Apple Malus
Cantaloupe Cucumis
Carrot Daucus
Cotton Gossypium
Fig Ficus
Garlic Allium
Grape Vitis
Leek Allium
Oat Avena
Pear Pyrus
Rye Secale
Spinach Spinacia
Turnip Brassica
Wheat Triticum

To end this offer, we want to comment that some islanders, reluctant to understand, accept that we are not perfect no matter how many times, el boricuazo, states, preaches
how cool we are. Criticism is part of the process of avoiding mistakes, to find one's place in the environment, social and otherwise.

The practice of landscaping maintenance, gardening design,
plant selection, political/environmental perspectives regarding nature, in theory
and practice suck in the private/public sector. Therefore if you have original, different ideas
please share them with us. Complacent, contemplative positions
as those of Sierra Club and everyone else in that bag with fantastic ideological frames, are useless, because nature is always changing. Destroying and creating constantly. To evolve is a duty, not an option. Until next.

1 comentario:

González Bauzá dijo...

I would really like to see your sustainable farm, filled with enjoyable landscapes (some true Puerto Rican tulips) and state of the art environmental design.
En vez de hacer algo asi, lo que haces es menospreciarte a ti mismo (por tu nacionalidad) y pasearte por el unico hobby que has conseguido (muy bueno y potencialmente productivo tambien)entendiendo que todo lo que los demas hacen es malo y que lo que tu crees (por que no hay prueba de que lo haces tampoco) es lo correcto.
Eres definitivamente mi concepto de un casi ganador.