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domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008


I DECIDED TO WRITE this one in English, for fun, a change of pace and the tittle. One, at least I do, gets bored with the rather
limited selection of flowers in the island capable of tolerating
dry weather and heat. On one hand, on the other, the same problem with the spectrum of colors of tropicals.

THE solution? Seeds. While I research for this or that, I often find companies selling seeds for reasonable prices. You have to find out if they ship to your country before wasting time selecting the product and ordering.

IN this case I chose VICTORY SEED CO., for one reason, there are pictures of at least a half of the flowers I know and like. There is no point of buying ugly flowers, and believe me there are plenty. Of course, all in context, what I find ugly may not
really be, but one has to think in terms of his/her garden.

Then it is pertinent to make sure there will be no scams while
ordering through the web, and giving your credit card number. I imagine most readers have their own criteria to determine such issues.

In our case I chose a mix of Southeastern Wildflower Mix, for a cost of around twenty dollars for an ounce. If you live in a country with weather similar to: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,
and Tennessee, such as Puerto Rico, you could plant these seed and expect good results.

But is time to go. I thought of writing the names of the twenty
four varities in the package, but believe that if you are interested
searching for the info or asking will do you well.... Until next.

4 comentarios:

Tawaki dijo...

Are there ugly flowers? Everything's possible but I don't know any.


sin machete dijo...

Anything that seems disagreeable to some is ugly. Some music, art, architecture, horticultural installations and so forth.

However, for some special beings, everything is beautiful, without fault. Such is life and aqui no ha pasado nada.

However, if one gets bruised, cut, hurt working with certain vegetation as a praxis vs a contemplative position, things change somewhat.

Since I have 80 species, I confess some are prettier than others. Some are ugly but have character, as conversation pieces.

Until next.

Ana dijo...

Gracias por su visita a mi blog.

Vaya! Una flor fea, eso sí que nunca lo he visto. :)
De plantas sé poco, pero cuán en serio hay que tomarlas porque son vidas.
También tengo una Mimi felina. Duerme al lado de mi ventana y desaparece todos los días.

sin machete dijo...

Habra que escribir unas lineas de flores feas, con nuestro humilde criterio
tras decadas de trayectoria en el asunto. Por el momento, el girasol, es grande y feo. O no?

Nuestra finada felina era muy traviesa, muy vocal con varias
formas de maullar de acuerdo a
su animo o deseos...

Agradecido por sus palabras.