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jueves, 8 de abril de 2010



I DROPPED by perhaps the dullest park under the umbrella of beyond feeble minded, PARQUES NACIONALES, Parque Luis Munhoz Marin,
on Pinhero Avenue. There are trees, but so sparse, that one can not write
about shade. Just grass, poorly kept, poodles, bare ground and a jerk,
illiterate with a stupid looking face in charge of the nursery.

William the illiterate, poor soul, had told el Nuevo Dia, that 3 of the employees had been fired, and he was 'alone' working in the shitty nursery with '25,000' plants. Your
humble servant left a message to work as a volunteer about a month ago...The hick almost freaked out when questioned about the number. Said that maybe it refer to the whole park.

I insisted that the article mentioned the nursery not the park.. William, a little stressed by now, indicated that maybe '8,000' plants hang out in the nursery. After looking carefully there are not even 1,000 in the whole park but such is life in Puercorico. The blind leading the blind.

The bonus does not stop here.. I found some seeds from a not particularly attractive
tree, never seen before in books, catalogs or live. I asked three employees, including
the mentally retarded William, if they knew the name of it. NO ONE KNEW. That is the reality in every context, regarding plants, trees, and else in the public/private sector. A bunch of followers of those words, Ignorance is bliss. Sorry, the burlap
for the next time. Time to go....

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Steve Asbell dijo...

This post is so politically incorrect... and yet I can't stop reading. :)

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Thanks. Fortunately, you do not have to live with it. But if anyone, any reader drops by, let me be your tourist guide pro bono, in the METRO AREA of San Juan, Puerco Rico.

The beers and single malt not included in this 48 hours offer.