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domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


For the last week, I was noticing this intense
feeling in the sweet subtle side of attractive fragrance.

Could not figure it out, until today. I look up, and there
it was, the yellow flowering Pterocarpus in Sagrado Corazon property.
Another fragrance
in the top five.

THERE IS A LOT, to go through. If you are in a rush move on. Lets start with Feisbuk,
with the Spanish, pronunciation. Taco the Clown, a contemporary character from Savarona. He grew up among Baptists, while yours truly was a Catholic crusader.
Taco shot from the hip recently in that forum. As some readers may have noticed, I do not have much reluctance to express my views, mostly on environmental issues, the whole court, if I may.

PAYASO TACO, somehow thought/expressed that I should not throw pearls to the hogs, in that forum. Considering the line of work/vocation I follow, and I am willing
to accept any duel with words, sword, fist, sticks as in EL TIO LA VARA, a new superhero from Spain. I found the comment irritating and unnecessary since every hog deserves an opportunity.

To end this subject, I wondered if HIS hogs, went to some refinement school or academy, considering that he does try to educate with his out of context inspirational quotes from esoteric philosophy, budism, and god knows which other sources. This is for you: Throwing pearls to hogs may/may not be useful as some figure of speech. But check this out mate, if you throw them pearls to some Iberian Hogs, the result could not be surpassed. The best probable ham on earth.

Moving to more terrestrial things.

Guerrillagardening activities.

After a pleasant trip to Fajardo City, a couple of purple Bouganvillea
stems were collected, along some Thespesia populnea seeds.
The ten Thespesias were planted in the former Hospital San Carlos
Guerrilla theater on Ponce de Leon Avenue.


\Pumpkins 2
Cosmus sulphureous 10
Suculents 2
Tabebuias 2
Tartago 1
from Thailand,
sweet Tamarindus indica 10

Most are planted from seeds except
Tabebuia, Sanseveria, Agavacea. Alive and kicking.

If you are to practice guerrilla in Puerco Rico, USA
do not plant anything not resistant to heat/drought
particularly if not available to irrigate. Plant what is
available in the surroundings, do not buy crap from

Arboles de Puerto Rico
Boricuas identificando y reconociendo
Arboles de Puerto Rico
Mercado Ecologico de San Juan
and my favorites

To all the above I wish you the best.. and character
to take what I will certainly will say from my observations and what I may have said/written already.
If not mentioned, do not worry, I will
keep you posted, later.

Critics criticize...


Perhaps you remember that I mentioned in an old post
how Phd Alberto Areces Mallea and Gabriela Ocampo,
those yellow bellies trash, children of beaches stole some rooting
hormones from my storage area, some time ago when I was
a trend setting groundskeeper with
the Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation.

I did not have the chance to propagate with hormones since then.
Well, I just got some rooting gel in the mail. It is much better than the previous
dust rooting ones. Four stems of Guaicum officinale,
six of yellow and orange Hibiscus, collected in the UPR and calle
Sagrado Corazon and the two from Fajardo mentioned in the beginning
have been planted.

That is that..Time to go...

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