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miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009


IN FEBRUARY of the current I presented a complaint against the COLEGIO SAGRADO CORAZON, parada 27, SANTURCE, or Sacred Cardiovascular Muscle, considering the callousness, lack of respect for the vicinity that the former catholic school, now a diploma factory, demonstrates daily, 24/7.

The employee from the Environmental Quality Board, came with an assistant to measure the constant humming noise from their air conditioning feeders and the
air extractor from their illegal cafeteria in the BARAT building, less than a hundred
feet from our backyard wall.

Before that, I had to present another complaint against the same culprit, for the stench at 6AM, in my one hundred species garden, of pepper, roasted pig or chicken.
All this yummy aromas emanating from their air extractor, without maintenance, noisy as hell, without any worry or care from the Sacred Cardiovascular Muscle or the owner of the cafeteria, apparently a foreigner.

Back to the studio. THE noise was measured with a tool resembling an universal
remote control with the mike on top, during thirty minutes. Apparently, the levels
of NOISE, are not above the limits of the law. I do not know yet. However, the tittle,
is meaningful because NOISE is constant, with many variables consequence of this
illegal for profits cafeteria.

Trucks start arriving for delivery at 5AM, even though the cafeteria opens at six. The employees, illegal or not start throwing objects right after that. The pollution/noise from these diesel trucks last for as long as the delivery, the employees car alarms are
activated from the trucks. The security guards spin around this area in their gas motorcycles or four track vehicles creating more noise and pollution 24/7. If you walk ten houses up the street you can appreciate the one hundred times worst humming from the swimming pool water filters.

Very close by the pool, their basketball court serves as concert noise hall with any excuse, for whatever reason the Sacred Cardiovascular Muscle celebrates anything
at high decibels without any respect to the right to enjoy their property, quiet of many senior citizens living in the Eduardo Conde Avenue, Barbe and Bouret Street.

Beyond the State of Law, there is nothing one can do(the Dean of Administration,
President's Office and Legal Office have been notified), except some exemplary violent
actions that are possible theoretically, fictionally. Unfortunately, it will be destructive,
not positive, without any certain PEACE and QUIET in the long run.

This may not be part of our area of expertise, however a garden without quiet is pretty
much like that old bumper sticker that lesbians stuck to their automobiles in Northampton, MA, the Pioneer Valley, some time ago: A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle.


The mentioned employee
noticed a fruit among
my plant collection.
It resembled a pumpkin
to this somewhat friendly
government employee.
However it is an ORANGE,
a graft, in a fiberglass pot.
This shows how disconnected
real people are to nature, flora and
Besides that, really hard to believe for
yours truly, encountering a human being
who has no idea of the difference between a tree
and a vine. How any kind of
pumpkin grows in our cement/asphalt

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