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domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009


THE Building Developers and Housing Construction Industry leave Puerto Ricos' environment pretty much as RIO TINTO, leaves the environment of Australia, bare,
and destroyed. With some differences. Australia is huge, the immediate damage to flora and fauna, is not as is not as wide and deep as the one taking place here. Down there the mining areas
are mostly in desert, down here, the construction madness is in the mountains, valleys
and sea shores, urban and country areas, close by.

Every week their faithful client, the daily shopper 'El Nuevo Dia', publishes a segment,
CONSTRUCTION. Lets see how many I count for this week, 81 PROJECTS! These are
concrete walk ups, houses and condos a pandemic spreading in all cardinal points including the island municipalities Vieques and Culebra.

The prices range between 200,000 and 3,000,000 USA dollars. Everyone is in this
quick buck scheme, banks and mortgage originators to name two. In the government,
a truly reliable accomplice regarding permits to build what you need where you want
no matter if environmental issues like flooding, landslides, erosion could take place,
they get your permit in time, if you scratch their back adequately.

In PUERTO RICO there is no systematic maintenance in ANY aspect of public works.
All is improvised and one could name, roads, highways, water distribution, sewage and on and on. Imagine
what will the result to this pipes be with so much pressure to handle. Housing Developers and their accomplices think these problems will be resolved by themselves. Let's wait and see what the drinkable water situation will turn into in the next five years as a consequence of the construction fever.

Perhaps because they are stupid, village idiots, wear blindfolds, are myopic or the blind leading the blind, THE ENVIRONMENTAL intelligentsia in the asphalt concrete
isle, insist on cleaning beaches, rivers, streams and ponds on one hand!

On the other, preaching, repeating until you get nausea, to plant trees or to recycle,
to turn the water or electricity off and that is that. These jerks are AFRAID of grabbing the horns by the bull, denouncing the massive, 24/7 destruction of our
surroundings. NOT that it would change anything. But the gesture will show some
balls, excuse me guts.

I went recently to visit virtually, a new group of this environmental species spreading as spores, mentioned. ARBOLES DE PUERTO RICO, is their nominative. Apparently a result of inbreeding
between Bosque San Patricio and Junte Ambiental. You can find them in Face book.
Caveat emptor. if you write in a similar way touching similar subjects, the CENSOR,
will fall upon you. That is why, this blog is necessary. Since I can not be bought, have
no relatives in those industries destroying our surroundings, I denounce.

I tell and holler this self proclaimed environmentalists to cut the crap! Study, observe,
research, walk by the Metro Area of San Juan and start cleaning gutters, sidewalks and above all CANHO MARTIN PENHA, also part of the estuaries that is still receiving raw SEWAGE and no BEACH CLEANER SCUBA DOGG, has ever noticed!


Gloriosa Rotchshildiana
Cavalinna maritima
Ipomoea alba
Turnera subulata, diffusa, ulmifolia
Star of Bethlehem
Calliandra Haemathocephalla,
some Plumerias,
Dipteranthus prostatus
are in bloom.

Perhaps the most hilarious of all environmental
preachers, Maria Falcon, should be honored.
With her repugnant squeaky, artificial, mysterious
inflections, intonation while at speak. She always
present endemic idyllic, picturesque rivers, streams, ponds, mountains,dams, trees, this and that with such admiration. This contemplative, SIERRA CLUB
like stance is important. One day when all that Maria
films weekly is destroyed, we can always go to the movies
or comfortably seat at home, air conditioned on and watch

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