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sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009


THE PICTURES to the right show two acts of guerrilla. One of planting, one of trim/pruning. The second provided a rare not to repeat, experience. To taste for the first time some Puertorican grapes from the vine at the center bottom of the picture. This vine belongs not to the abandoned house that I until recently gave aesthetic maintenance, but to Ms. Laborde the president of the Residents Association, a real unkempt mess.

The pictures show the classical before and after, with just one intention.
How the prairie/cottage style could become a little more formal with some
cuts. I love the first, for its wild, lively appearance. The second is sterile,
stiff, not alive. In my evident humble opinion. If you want to research start looking carefully at ZEN gardens and watch what happens as in the song.

After a while ZEN/formal gardens seem very stiff and UNNATURAL, not to get into
maintenance issues. I just read a little about one ZEN garden in a
template neck of the woods requiring 14 daily hours of maintenance. I am
against such waste of energy, fuel, money and time.

Back on tracks when practicing guerrilla horticultural/ gardening in Puerto Rico, be aware that illiterate fools will weed whack anything not
recognized. That is why I made the experiment of planting a Pandanus,
and Maguey, a known agave on my first guerrilla. ON the second act, a week ago I planted two trees of DK name, but fast growth. One besides
the surviving Maguey and one in the shade as understory of a bunch of
Albizias not far. I may go to irrigate today.

IF you are to go planting the guerrilla way and do not water, you certainly
wasted your time, unless planting CACTI. So keep it in mind, how far do you plant, do you need to drive to get there? How often will you have to water? The other consideration, even before you plant anything, develop
that christian virtue of resignation. One day, when least expected, your
creature, the one you nurtured since a seed, may be gone. Nothing but but weed whacker traces or trimmer for the uninitiated.

There is no philosophy here, but it looks nice in the tittle. Me garden keeps developing with little or no casualties. Just growing, changing.
As these few pictures demonstrate. If you take your time and go all the way
down you will have a chance to see the developments. I thank those readers who take their time to visit, leaving or not your comments. If you
have share the link also. To all of you. THANKS! Time to go...


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