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lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009


ONCE IN a while a change of pace is just and necessary.

Fair movies in Puerto Rico are scarce, since what we get is most of the trash/rubbish from HOLLYWOOD.

This one is rare, it grabs you from the credits. If you are into watching movies with a critical view, I strongly suggest THE INFORMANT, with Matt Damon and others. The music, photography, dialogues,
speed, plot, acting in this one is what movies should be like. Hollywood produces so much garbage
with ridiculous special effects, bombs, shots, car crashes and blood, that one has to remain at home an watch the worn out movies shown on television. I feel it is a conspiracy.


If you like to buy books and have twenty bucks or so, enjoy history and architecture,
here is one I truly enjoyed.

Puerto Rico Then and Now
Thunder Bay Press, California
Salamander Books 2009

Is a good book for a coffee table, has excellent photos, good paper
and is manageable. JORGE RIGAU, the author, is still around and has relatives
also involved in architecture. I have mentioned that if you are into criticism,
particularly regarding garden installations, one has to understand composition,
use of space, light, purpose of the space. These are some elements, also part, an important one in architecture. On the other hand, the reader has a chance to remember
buildings that once surrounded our childhood now gone forever.

I do not know what to think about nostalgia. But when taste, good taste
is lost for money, concrete and functionality with erased aesthetics, life
gets dull and predictable. Looking at the beauty of these buildings
what Puerto Rico was and lost, some surviving in good condition, others
not so fortunate, leave a sour sensation in the spirit, often present between lines. What was
destroyed, and what we got in turn.


I look at lots of books and magazines but rarely I recommend any
unless they are significant from my perspective. As a collector, by the way,
in the last month I have 'discovered' 2 species of Passiflora and
a vine with beautiful white flowers on my strolls. If you are into
this bag, one
needs good books to identify what you have or what is found.

W. Arthur Whisler
Timber Press 2000

At a price of thirty five bucks, I suggest to buy it used for nine or so. After
all is a reference book, not for show. This work has wonderful photos,
a large, wide selection of many not so common ornamentals with their
botanical names, in some cases whole families of species are shown.
This type of information, excellent bibliography and references are
not common, in my humble, always looking for something opinion.
Nice paper and ease to manage, even at bed.

Far away readers.

Align Center
AUDUBON ZOO, the song
'They all asked for you'

I had the great pleasure of watching Wynton Marsalis conduct
a jazz class for young children. Glisando, call and response,
every jazz concept was discussed, reinforced and demonstrated with
voice and instrument: range/pitch. One of those marvelous
musical experiences that will remain, since music, besides plants carry
a lot of weight in me life. CHECK that song if you may.
Time to go...Before I would mention Leon Redbone, David Bromberg and John Mooney as singer/quitar players in this wave. The Audubon Zoo, existed in New Orleans, that mecca of gastronomy and music, at least before Katrina.

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