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miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009


THIS MAY seem a rant, so may be it. In February of the current, I presented a complaint against who else? UNIVERSIDAD SAGRADO CORAZON, for the unbearable noise from their air conditioning feeders. A grinding humming 24/7, with the Junta de Calidad Ambiental, the native agency dealing with pollution of all kinds.

These poor souls have TWO inspectors for hundreds of complaints regarding all types
of environmental problems. The first failed attempt was in June. I refused
since there were no classes at the public hindrance university, feeders were off.

August came, tired of the waiting, I visited the office of the OMBUDSMAN, the hero
agency dealing with government agencies not doing the job getting paid for. In this agency the employees are reluctant to respond to EMAILS, it is as if emails are ignored, do not exist.

I had to walk three miles round trip to visit our heroes in Miramar, since they do not
respond to the correspondence. I had a chat with the blue blooded one leg crippled
lady. The office resolved with the people in the Junta a visit to the premises, our residence to measure the noise from the god damned university. It was too low. However, I noticed that on measurement day the feeders were not on, as if a little angel informed the dean, of the visit from ADA, the technician. This tree letter named
lady was the one confusing a Valencia orange with a pumpkin.

This is October now. Today ADA called at 6:00 AM, when your humble servant was asleep. I left a message at seven, got a response at 8:39. The defense is that she is in Aguas Buenas a hick town in the neck of the 'woods'. Once again yours truly
is screwed with impunity by the agencies of the state.


The following have changed location, from pots to beds.
It is like graduation day if you may.
Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Pseuderantemum reticulatum
Polyscia fruticosa
Catartus roseus
Asparagus sprengeri
Turnera subulata

the end is near

Finally I have to inform my fans/foes alike not to
plant Ipomoea quamoclit. This vine has beautiful
red, star shaped flowers, cypress like leaves with an
ugly habit. After a while it dries up as in going dormant
or whatever, looking like crap. Later it comes back or not.
Leaving your garden with vine skeletons nice for Halloween
but not much else.

Fire, fire in the wire, wire

A humongous fire took place in some refinery down here, not far
from the ocean, swamps, acquifiers and such. When this type
of disaster takes place, it is necessary to find culprits, to place the
blame. In my opinion, not so humble lately, and getting angrier
somewhat more misanthropic I declare that if cow chew grass
they can not be mistaken. I live among idiots, without vision.

This reminds me of Jose, a good neighbor and blind fellow or VI, visually impaired.
I have to ask him if it makes a difference since he can not see, what

he is referred to. I met a blind idiot in one futile attempt to work
as a volunteer with the house of jerkettes FONDITA DE JESUS, some
time ago.

The blind fellow did not resemble a blind one, Jose Feliciano, Ray Charles o Stevie
Wonder. I made a mistake
asking him where la Fondita was, stating he was going that way
and he would lead me.

We started to walk while he kept asking, do you see a sign saying this and
that...I kept saying no, I do not. Two hundred meters later, I asked
a couple of blond, blue eyes girls if they knew where this agency was.
It happened that the blind idiot was walking south instead of north.
Believe it or not.

Editors note

I asked Jose, who is a steady, strong swimming competitor if he had a
sense of direction, responding in the affirmative while we took
a short stroll one morning. Telling him the funny anecdote.
Time to go.

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Landscape Designer dijo...

This is so true!
I moved to Puerto Rico in July of 2009 and every time I have to deal with private or public agencies it seem (simultaneously) they are not reachable, they are taking a long lunch, or they are off on one of the MANY annual holidays leaves.
Phone calls are mostly useless. You still have the option to seat in traffic or are asked to fax your private information to an unknown fax terminal somewhere in the area code 787. (maybe a "coqui" is the only one working and will read your fax)
Now wonder people drive like crazy. Puerto Rico most be one of the most unlivable places in the world.l9

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

However those who have lost their jobs
have cried rivers and catarats since they expected to be
eternally doing nothing.....in the government job held until recently,
permanently or by contract.

Evidently is not my imagination. If you look at the municipal roads of the Metro Area, they have not been paved
in decades..The daily driving in the city, an experience pretty similar
to a country side unkempt dirt road.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Since what you have stated is what it
is, there is nothing to add...Until we know, get to know who you are are moder
sucker. Thanks and screw you! Get a
real profile. That way my readers, our
readers, your readers can see WHO you
are...SCuM bag....