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sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009


AFTER AN early morning visit to LA DEFENSA, a pub, cafetin or colmado, on San Antonio St., not far from that enemy of the community, a 24/7 noise/pollution factory, UNIVERSIDAD SAGRADO CORAZON, I decided to check on my
recent guerrilla plantation.

At 12:15, under the infernal bright, hot Caribbean sun, I slowly walked towards the train station. The plague of automobiles in every corner, moving as
fast as they can, (not as in what would seem natural in an isle of 100 miles), but as if the drivers were going in a hurry
from Bundaberg to Carnarvon or Brisbane to Perth in that beautiful distant island continent down under.

I waited for the right of way, crossing the Ponce de Leon and the next, Munhoz Rivera Avenues, careful not be run over by the scum bags, anxiety ridden borricuas at the wheels. I got closer to the location where
my opus guerrilla child had been planted. Frightened as hell, noticing the visit of the municipal weed whackers squad. They had cut the native grasses predominant in the site, I expected the worst.

From that angle, in the above paragraph I could not see the tree * and Maguey still. Thank God, as I got closer I found, all Albizias had been destroyed and my DK Tree, alive and kicking against all odds in my
thirty years experience and expectations in gardening installations. A miracle! I would exclaim if believing in such fiction.

Editors Note *

The tree in question is the tenth picture
from top to bottom.


HOURS LATER..... A mile to the right of the Martin Penha Bridge, there is
a new huge one, reminder of those structures built during the Soviets.
Big, ugly and ordinary, with the intention of hiding the G8 vicinity from the
view of drivers. Why? The inhabitants built their houses on mangroove
land/water many decades ago. The Building Developers, Bankers, with Government
accomplices are in the slow, never ending mood to relocate these 14,000 residents, since
there is no more cheap land to develop, due to saturation in every
other San Juan metro spaces.

The end is near

While crossing this ugly bridge on BARBOSA AVENUE, Cantera neighborhood,
I stopped to check the raw sewage waters, after observing a beautiful trio of birds, Martinetes
with their impressive orange beak, playing and relaxing. I kept on looking, noticing
a bunch of black fish with white stripes by the gills, one turtle and some insects
looking for food.

NATURE IS really forgiving. Considering the amount of garbage thrown in
this ecosystem, in addition to the raw sewage, this is certainly a MIRACLE,
to see such amount of fauna from thirty feet high. I felt happy, twice, for the
first guerrilla story and this one.

Unfortunately, is time to write that I offered to work with the JERKS
of the G8 and ENLACE community considering I got a little to offer,
but since they are blindfolded JERKS; they remained deaf, mute, blind,
So long....


I WOULD APPRECIATE if any reader
from the 66 countries visiting this blog once in a while, one half/one third of the readers could send a message to
these addresses:


I need to have my space, garden collection, air space, respected, to enjoy
our property. The noise from the air conditioner feeders
could be ameliorated. The cafeteria closed. It is a pain in the ass to enjoy
our backyard thanks to the constant noises, smell of roasted
pig, chicken, pepper when I go out, or even inside our residence.

Put yourself in my place, elaborate.
How would you feel when trying to relax, enjoy your
little token of nature in your own backyard, with the constant night and day grinding humming from
these air conditioning feeders and the callousness of UNIVERSIDAD SAGRADO CORAZON?

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