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miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009


is celebrating!

Our first 2010 calendar, mentioned some time ago is ready. Under the graphic artistry of Tito Collazo and some stars from my collection.. It is in a 5" by 7" card format. The white on green lizard, the Bouret Horticultural Society logo, in the left
top side. With seven flowers in the clock wise trend. Turnera ulmifolia, Plumerias pink, yellow pink, Turnera subulata, Bethelhem Star, Capsicum and Cosmos sulphureos in front calendar in the back. Another trend may have been set, time will tell. IF interested leave your email address in the comments, for instructions. It is a collectors item, well done in my opinion and a gardening fan.


TITO COLLAZO is in the process of painting the house. Today after previous conversations, the corrective pruning of his Thevetia peruviana, a messy but beautiful, twenty years old, multi trunk
tree, the restoration of the shitty garden started.

I started by leveling the ground in the left side by the wall in front of the house. That way the
painting will look even, when the time to plant arrives. I used a gardening pick ax, a narrow rake,
shovel, hand pruner and a broom. It was a nice work out of ninety minutes.

The ground is fluffy and dark, a sign of organic matter. His two dogs fertilize daily, a condition
to take into consideration when planting anything. The Crotons will depart permanently since
the resident is not into hedges, or has the time for this silly enterprise of cutting anything every
x amount of days to keep it even.

I suggested to my neighbor to take some pictures for the before and after, we will see if he remembers, since I am not into reminding people things more than once. If it happens I will
share this interesting project with the readers.

Align Center
After many failed attempts of propagating Mesquite, I am
fortunate. These were seeds from my most recent trip to Guanica.
At around four inches tall, these bushes/trees are famous in
some dry/desert regions of USA, used for barbecue, thanks to the great smoking
qualities of the wood, besides the slow burning.

In Puerto Rico they are abundant in the dry south. I have always
admire Mesquites, for their umbrella shaped top and slow
growth. I got three.

In the grafted fruit tree department, I have been able to make the
first gallon of lemon juice from a tree that has been at home for a
year. The oranges, are still in the process. This kind has the texture
and color of some pumpkins.

Recently an employee from the Board of Environmental Quality in
our residence to measure the god damned humming noise, originatingt from the air conditioning feeders, from the god damned
muscle, since they have no heart, thought they were that, pumpkins.

This tell you how deep and wide is the ignorance regarding
flora, fauna, nature, in brief.

Confusing and orange with a pumpkin.
Only in Puerto Rico USA.
Time to go.

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