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miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009


MANY PEOPLE following trends, never to set them, talk, write, chat about the environment as something to kill time when bored.
Not here. Even if some fans/not fans believe this virtual space is sort of a fanatical blog from some deranged character.

I have tried to share what I KNOW, think, believe, i know with many. Institutions, religious or not, government agencies, private/public enterprises regarding everything written here so far. Without luck. They are scared. They prefer to live their fantasy as to what nature/flora/fauna needs and give in return.
To those unable to see beyond their salary, college tittle,
screw you. Here is the most recent happenings in my garden.

Fertilized following the instructions: Orange, Lemon and Mango, grafted trees. Some insects were found in the first two
dealt with the secret formula, mentioned before. I prefer not
to contaminate the environment, as in soil or plants.

I confess using glyphosphate to kill weeds only in cemented,
areas with cracks. That is that.

Moving on back in the studio, this is what is happening in my
garden, by the way, open to the public if announced by email.
Perhaps the only private garden open to public in Puerto Rico.

Frangipani bud flowers are beginning to show in white/rose varieties. Five Bixa orellanas were transplanted in a smaller
pot to get tighter/stronger roots. Chicharos were pruned, some
of the beans collected; a few Ladybugs were noticed doing their

The three lemons, one grafted, two from seed that had been pruned are showing many growth buds that will become
branches and fruit. The orange follows through.

The spider, living in the Pithelobium dulce has disappeared.
The Passionaria grew two inches, to six in the oriental pot.
The Bouganvillea in a corner front of the house has many new

The Guaicum and Calliandra lower branches were eliminated.
Another Turnera, related to Diffusa and Ulmiforme, are being
propagated in soil and water. One Cestrum diurnum was planted in front of the house.

To finish this story we remind our readers. One may plant anything knowing the growth habit of whatever in different
contexts. What allows your gardening skills/experience/credentials show, is not the aesthetics.

It is the individual plants/trees/bushes/ground covers/
climbers in relation to the environment, the context of nature,
flora/fauna in your vecinity when in an urban context.
Anyjuan can get an adecuate garden with the parameters found
in the commercial circuit. Lo que es bien hijoeputa is to have
something no juan can buy...........hasta la proxima.

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