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miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009


YESTERDAY WAS, one of those days that one remembers fondly
for a long while.

Driving in highways, roads of Puerto Rico for a four hours round trip to a 3 Kings Day celebration in Los Vegas house was a real
pleasure since most people stayed home, off the roads and with Musica Llanera, from Venezuela.

If you appreciate harp/string and vocals, there is nothing like this.The artists are Juan Vicente Torrealba, a two cds, from YOYO Music, and 'Venezuela y Sus Interpretes'
a compilation from Discomoda. This music is rarely played in our commercial or
public radio stations, if you want a change from the daily, noisy
music proposals take a risk with this genre, you may enjoy it.

The three story house is on top of a hill with 360 views of green scenery and a blue piece of the Atlantic, the
city of Mayaguez, in the north west tip of the island.

Plenty of food was around, and typical drinks for the occassion.
I started with some vodka and fresh oranges from the orchard,
following with some beer and one shot of blended scotch.
Ate some of the menu before returning as a duty since eating and drinking are not compatible. Once some people eat the drinking ends, as in my case.

Great conversations with Chuchin, a forensic doctor one the pioneers in the field in Puerto Rico, graduated from Vanderbilt U. Also with Lester, whose field of action was not mentioned but
shared the interest with plants, climbers and such, the subject.

When you plant them as I do for privacy and aesthetics, has nothing to do with what takes place in a farm since these plants strangle some, stop others from reaching any light and photosynthesize.

Besides all these happenings, the best part was the chance to jam with my wooden bongos with Raul Grant, and excellent guitar, cuatro and sax player and his two partners at this celebration. Besides horticulture, something I practice daily,
music which I rarely have a chance, is another intense interest.

This group is from the Lajas region and would recommend them
for any type of outdoors/indoors activity, nice string/brass, percussion/vocals. Phone: 787-413-0606. Others may
prefer a one man orchestra, but the fake electronics, no matter how nice the sound is not the same as interacting with
people that master their instrument.

Garden news: While keeeping a multisubject conversation, the
unique Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow bush was mentioned. Some
relatives living on wet/humid/shady areas have it, covered from
top to bottom with these unusual flowers that come out with a color and pass away with another. They start with a dark pink, becoming lighter and ending white. Something not seen too often.

At any rate I the authority, jaha bilingual... planted it without much thinking in the wrong place. Fortunately, it dealt with
the situation valiantly. When pulled out carefully, it showed a
great, healthy root system. It is now in the right spot.

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