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domingo, 4 de enero de 2009


CHECK THIS OUT, with Ipods, mp3 and all that computer crap(manure if you prefer), I just got my new SONY tape deck, (TCWE475), with so many features as any CD player. Also, with the 3 Kings around the corner
I decided to install the new stylus to my TECHNICS SL-BD22, a turntable with many years in the battle field. What is the big deal
wonders the lay man/feminist?

Very simple. Some of the cassettes are twenty/thirty years old, others have not reached puberty. MOST were recorded by yours truly from ACETATE records.
Some of this music is not available in CD, and forget other formats
created/maintained for younger folks.

BEFORE we enter in today subject lets mention some of the artists heard for the hell of it: Los Lobos, Iguanas/Freddy Fender, Ramito, Frank Ferrer with Van Lester, Vinicious Cantauria, Radio Tarifa,
Cesarea Evora, Matamoros/Portabales, Lucecita, Joe Arroyo,
Mayari with Corozo, Miguelito Cuni and Benny More. Some, recorded from LPs, others from CDs, a nice trip in time. In my opinion recent music, artists, stink. I rather stay with the old and not so old in music, but far ahead with vegetation.

IN PUERTO RICO, not many, that I know, write about the issues presented here, it has consequences. Occasionally, I become adventurous and try to watch tutv, the native, local, government station. Mostly talent with paste up, artificial, stuck up, old fashion style, speaking and gesturing as in some early forties drama. Maria Falcon, in pinhata fashion attempts to say something regarding the preservation of island nature.

In one of the shopper/newspapers once in a while, any at random agronomist, writes about common places. Including his business phone, address and office hours, but never electronic mail address. The other option: some bored employee is ordered to write from some translated article, irrelevant tips for interior plant care. This is the picture.

Here besides denouncing, I present options such as the one below. Gardening in the isle, should not be a sterile, meaningless business for companies, individuals, government agencies, municipalities or people that practice it at home, for the environment.

Anne Raver

"The land was so thick with multiflora rose that they could not walk, so Mr. Talamy cut paths
with hand loppers. They work with handsaws, not a chain saw. And they paint on the herbicide,
rather than spraying it, because they don't want to damage the treasures below: under those
thorny rose bushes mi be seedling of blackl oak, Florida dogwood, black gum or arrowwood viburnum, which if protected from deer, could flourish in the cleared space.

A meadow cleared of autumn olive can resprout with goldenrod, joe-pye weed, milkweed, black-eyed Susans and many other natives crucial to wild life.

It is hard work, but the Tallamys love being outside. And they share a vision, an imperative
really, that Mr. Tallamy lays out in a book, "Bringing Nature Home" (Timber Press 27.95) published in November.

They are struggling to plant the native species that are needed for insects and animals to flourish. As exotic ornamentals leap the garden fence and outcompete the native plants,
many creatures are starving to death because they did not evolve with the exotics and simply
can't eat them.

"I am not trying to to recreate the ancient ecosystem," said Mr. Tallamy, who is chairman of the
department of entomology and wildlife ecology at the University of Delaware, in Newark.
"That is gone. I am trying to create biodiversity". From the NY TIMES, March 6 2008.

In our context, planting: Ixoras, Bauhinias, Hibiscus, Turneras, Cosmos, will attract hummingbirds, lizards, bees, reinitas. The intelligent gardening way. However, I do not
advise to have hedges with Ixoras, do not be a fool, let them grow as a bush. They are
really impressive that way, without white flies, the reason of my distaste for them.

New Year Bonus: Blogs with musical backgrounds. When I try to read, I prefer instrumental music. Music with words is no, no, unless you are not really interested in people reading what you have written.

In Puerto Rico, it does not make much difference since there is nothing to say/write (original that is, from some fellow bloguers), but trying hard being cute, keeping up with whatever is on the
news. Jaha bilingual laugh. Otherwise, readers with judgement may just look at your profile and get the hell out. Particularly, if the volume is all the way up.

That is that. When practicing gardening, horticulture, remember to plant those that will be agreeable with birds, insects and everyjuan else, mother nature will appreciate it.

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