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sábado, 31 de enero de 2009


THIS MORNING, while monitoring in the front garden, Tony, one of those neighbors lacking
any virtues of our liking, stopped his pick up truck to chat about Farrukito, another neighbor
with more defects than the first, to complain about the increasing amount of cats of the second.
It had never happened before, were his words.

Farrukito, quite a picturesque character, walks his dog every morning and afternoon without the
common decency of picking after his pet, leaving the sidewalks plastered with dog poop. At any rate, his cats (that he feeds in huge bowls as most people would feed their hogs), are leaving their
refuse in increasing amounts on Tony's backyard.

The solution? A couple of hours later, he was back with it. A huge amount of cement bricks to cover the soil. Instead of looking for other options, more economic and/or intelligent.
Forgot to mention. One month ago, he decided that
the impressive fucshia Bouganvillea in front of his house, maybe twenty feet high, was a hindrance. Why? Leaves.

Down here most people refusing to exercise, to enjoy the outdoors with
a broom, get a machete by themselves or hire help to totally destroy and/or mutilate any kind
of bush/tree without much deliberation, a national occurrence. So, there went the flies....

I have the same problem with the cats. My solution was more environmentally friendly and cost effective to my pocket. I planted a bunch of Ruellias and Wedelias trilobatas. Now Mr. Tony will have more concrete to absorb heat,
more water to drain, plus the inevitable weeds that grow within the bricks. And so goes life down here in the concrete/asphalt isle. I on the contrary, will get more flowers, yellow/pink to enhance
the installation, stopping the cats from digging.

I am considering writing about the garden as rooms. Some television programs, gardening pundits, write about a garden just like the parts of a house, in similar compartments, according to their use. In my case, just one... To plant, propagate, collaborating with the ecology of the vecinity.

Perhaps the name of that virtual article should be DROWNING BY NUMBERS, just like that wild film that was popular AMONG artsy film buffs. Ian Dury, from the Blockheads, one of the protagonists. It is going to be intense. I debate if I should start now ... Maybe I will.

Maybe not. Why should I worn out the readers virtual or not, that ocassionally drop by?
After all, the plant inventory appeared recently. Entradas antiguas 19 August 2008, or
the updated version under "Party is over for the old".. on 31 December 2008.

Words to wonder. Why is it that career coaches, yoga fans, vegetarians, those that often talk about friendship,
virtues, the after life, are never connected with nature? All is out of context. Always the I, all
spinning around the I. Bury the ego...see what is around, for a change. The world, people do
not share your stress necessarily. Stress that is of your making, following constantly as a herd?
Stop, medidate, think. Set the trends, avoid the following.

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Peter Pantoja Santiago dijo...

Excelente cada escrito y sobre todo el efecto foto, que me hace transportar un poco mas alla de tu esencia al escribir...