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lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009


WATCHING SOME television from Spain I started putting together some ideas that may or not
be relevant regarding our usual subject. It is a matter of consistency in thought/action.

The documentary was in essence about piracy in Somalia, beyond international waters. The life
of the fishermen, officials was explained with some detail. In brief, this crew fifty percent Spain
nationals and third world workers, spend eight months in those waters rich in nutrients for the capture of Tuna.

Now, you wonder where is the relation? Cannery Row is now an avenue in California, but was many decades ago a huge sardine canning industry. Made well known in many places by a couple
of films based on the wonderful novel by John Steinbeck. The sardines were over fished, exterminated, for commercial purposes.
The same luck waited for cod in the north east USA and Canada; there is no more commercial fishing since the 1990's.

While watching these fishermen, and noticing the vast amount of tuna being caught, I could not
help thinking about cod, sardines. These boats are as big as you can imagine, never leave
the fishing waters until there is no room for one more tuna in the freezing tanks. Later, the caught is brought to the Seychelles Islands, to be processed, and canned. And that is that fishing wise.

Horticulture and fishing have one thing in common. The earth, the waters offer their goods
without expecting anything in return. Avaricious men, thinking in the NOW, never in TOMORROW constantly rip off our resources for their profits until there is nothing left.

When I saw those incredibly big bunch of tunas, thought of mining, timber, whales, everything
is destroyed with the same intensity. When all is later in the brink of extinction.... the hollering starts. Lets save the trees, gorillas, rhinos, tigers, whatever. Even when the process of destruction may be slightly different depending on the environmental context and people interaction with it, the result is always the same.

Signing petitions would not do anything to save our ecology. The speed of destruction is too quick and too wide. I constantly laugh at those historians, preaching: History this and that, because when
you know your history you avoid past mistakes. Jaha bilingual laugh. If history had any value
there would have been no wars many moons ago; the destruction of our environment seriously
reduced/stopped. Until next

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