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sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009


BELOW THERE is a list of plants/trees/ground covers/bushes, that some gardeners may have or not. If curious you will have to research to see what they look like.

During the time I have been visiting/reading/looking at blogs, seldom, the botanical name is offered. The most relevant information any serious gardener/student of gardening/horticulture need is that. With it you find in the internet information regarding diseases, planting, fertilizing, anything, period.

My favorite plants at this time, (it changes from time to time) are the following; for their beauty
in form, subtle fragrance, contrasts between each other:

Brumfelsia paucifora, Burleria repens, Clitorea terratea, Costus graptophylum, Crinum, Cestrum diurnum, Calliandra aemathocephala, Cathartus roseus, Guayacan, Gloriosa rothschildiana, Ipomoeas, Lipia micromera, Mirabilis
siciliana, Frangipani, Ochna mossabicensis, Pandanus, Pedilanthus euphorbiaceae, Pereskia corrugata, Pithelobium dulce, Turneras, Tulbaghia violacea, Tumbergia,
Zamia and Zephyrantes.

Now, without being humble as usual, I declare that these plants, bushes, ground covers, trees, are
the difference between a vulgar, common place without any conversation piece garden or the opposite. One that shows the dedication, study, care and research in your installation.

The line is hard to draw when one is constantly looking for the unusual. Until next...

2 comentarios:

Chandramouli S dijo...

Said true - I always am particular about knowing the botanical names of my plants - that somehow makes them unique and special - as if you know about their lineage!
Clitoria Ternatea is my fave too! How beautiful they look when the vibe is full of blooms!
Well, I did look up the others online but they're not familiar to me. May be I should check the local hort. society here.
Thanks for dropping by my blog with your generous comments :)

Titania dijo...

I have some of the plants you have mentioned in my garden. At the moment I love the panache of Cannas and Heliconias.