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lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009


ONE of the amazing surprises while blog hunting/exploring is the amount of poetry.
There are as many as stars. Some shine brightly, most are dull, adolescent like. About love, sex, existencial crisis and loneliness, the real and the egomaniacal that seems to dominate.

I used to enjoy writing and reading it. However, it has
to be a vocation requiring study, reading, writing with
some care and curiosity. With poets with vocation
in mind, I decided to write this simple inventory without getting in the aesthetics of the poetry itself.

However, is worth mentioning that in ROMANCES one
could write an essay about ecology. LUIS DE GONGORA (Cordoba, Spain, 1561/1627), constantly shows awareness of nature and all living creatures, flora/fauna/water/minerals and its
products in his poetic fields. It is evident.

For those really interested in knowing the names of
the list in their native language get a dictionary.

Trees: Encina, Olmo, Laurel, Cipres, Alcornoque, Alamo, Almendros, Nogal, Pinos, Palmas, Fresno.

Plants/bushes and else: Clavel, Hiedra, Rosa, Jazmin,
Narciso, Sauco, Azucena, Violetas, Flor de lis, Alheli,
Lirios, Moras, Azahar, Algarroba, Romero, Perejil, Membrillo y Arrayan.

The second list is longer since in poetry, images of love,
ladies are much more frequent than strenght, size, height, character and moral values as represented by trees.

I suggest that you, virtual reader, find a book from your
favorite poet, writer, and see the connection between
the author and the environment/surroundings. My
archihumble opinion is that we must kick out the self,
to think of the other. People, if it is your liking, or flora/fauna, mine.

Until next.

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