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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009


ONCE UPON A TIME, I was living in Northampton, MA, during the seventies. I got the chance to play pro bono percussion with THE SAILCATS for a brief season. Timmy Griffin, had the courtesy of responding after I made attempts to contact this witty, smooth, wise drummer some months ago and finally exchanged a couple of sentences; something rare from my many futile attempts to connect with people from
a distant past.

On the dirt, gardening front, while I was sweeping, pruning the wild flowers, bushes in my ADOPTED HOUSE, (see Guerrilla Gardening here), Leticia, sister of a neighbor four houses down my street, came to inquire about the status of this abandoned,
charming house. I informed her that for many years it has been deteriorating since
the heirs to the property seem unable to reach an agreement. Something not unusual. When people are selfish and antagonistic, they prefer to let something become ruins, rather than solve their differences.

Moments later it was Arlene, a somewhat beautiful woman who is also interested in
the house. All this while I was almost finished with the pruning. By the way, this house is residence of some of Farrukito's stray cats. I took most of the branches and
put them on those bare spaces where the cats have been digging to use the water closet, that in turns fertilizes, but also destroys some of the mostly wild vegetation I try to preserve.

Other changes in the garden scene I have noticed. The amount of stray cats, continue growing, it is like a homeless drop by center. If you ever passed by one, in your neighborhood, you know what I mean. On the other hand, the four urban prone bird
species that used to visit yours truly, no longer do.

When I was almost finished, another beautiful, sophisticated neighbor came to join
our house chat, with similar interests. This one perhaps the other one out of the three with the metallic to buy. Sorry I forgot her name, but it is always nice to have this
little brief dialogues while I enjoy myself with phylanthopic shores.


Four new plants, or better names found recently of old acquaintances, Capsicum annun, Osimun basilicum, Citrus Auratifolia and Aloe barbadiensis an old time favorite in mother/grandmothers circles.

Time to go but before... I appreciate readers that check my profile to see where the hell all this come from. Those who take the time to leave some useful, useless, meaningful and meaningless comments are also welcome. If you do not see your
comment, it is not necessarily censorship. All those with profiles and blogs will
certainly have theirs on. However, some have been erased intentionally or by accident.
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which is nice.

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