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domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009


THE truth is that after visiting tens, hundreds of blogs about our subject, a certain infatuation with the beauty of this or that, almost exclusively, has been discovered. In the comments always around the uh/ahs, most of the time as in a block of a cute thinking clan, as if gardening/horticulture is that in essence.

Others, horticultural fans, make futile attempts to create formal gardens in the tropics, with oceans of sterile turf, roses, hedges, and so on, worried about overwhelming weeds. Creating a garden prone to oppression instead of relaxation and wondering.

The gardening in template climates seem somehow more attractive to the
unexposed, in the tropics. It is consequence of the incredible amount of flowers, plants of all types growing in such latitudes. But I have found that with research, one can accomplish the same spectacular effects when looking for contrasts. Texture, height, size, color and shape. If you
rely only on your local nursery to create something worthy of admiration,
critical renown, sorry, you have to research.

Moving into other waters...I invite those with interest regarding what is going on far away from your neck of the woods... VERTICAL GARDENING.. Imagine creating a garden on a wall, interior/exterior without any soil...Patrick Blanc is the originator of such activity. If you
want to get out of the gardening doldrums of your vecinity visit: verticalgardening.com... There are imitators, varieties on the theme on the web. I am sure that your view on what a garden is/was/should be will certainly change.

In the British Isle there is GUERRILLA GARDENING... Licit and illicit ways to transform your surroundings...Tired of looking at the weedy, full of trash abandoned house, next to yours? Or a public/private park?
Learn how all started in 2004, how to organize, create seed bombs. In brief, doing something aesthetically/ecologically correct for the urban
context. Legally, or ilegally. In another blog I read the chewed and digested story, after having discovered it and mentioning it here. Go to the source and
make your own opinion without interference.

Finally there is COMPOST TEA.. Something really practical for any kind of gardening. If you search the web you will probably get scared as to the
many unnecessarily, technically complicated ways to do something that
chemically may/may not be your own result, but with the same effects on

This tea will suppress foliar diseases, increase the amount of nutrients to the plant, speeds the breakdown of toxins. Apply it by foliar spray or soil drench..I make it simple.

Place the leaves, (dry/green) inside a burlap sack/pillow case in a five gallon recipient. Fill just a third of the sack and tightly tie the bottom with a string. Fill with water up to a couple of inches to the top. Let it steep in water for twenty four hours or less. The result is going to be a darkish smelly water that will
hit the plants vascular system quickly through the leaves, or slowly by drenching.

One thing to watch closely is the darkness/smell of the resulting steeping.
Dilute it or risk burning your plants. I could get up to fifteen gallons of
diluted compost tea from the original five. Better diluted than the opposite. At any rate, when you spray it with the bomb, many insects will fly away from your plants, often are damaging ones. This type of
sraying will not damage beneficial insects and other fauna.

Once you are done, let the contents in the sack dry, I use mine more often
until the steeping is rather light. When that happens, is time to add more
organic matter.. An on and on..

Bonus question: What is your religion doing specifically besides preaching to save your soul, or the environment? Deeds versus words?
Why the obsession with death, the after life, when the earth is being destroyed daily, minute by minute? If responding, only those within
the context of nature/ecology/ourblog, will see the light.

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