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sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009


WATCHING SOME television documentary about grass, the great numbers of wild animals that are fed, protected, sheltered by it, in every climatic condition, the war against nature became clear.

Considering the western notion of Bible regulations, just one among the many, will suffice to explain the inevitable war that has taken place for centuries now. Multiply and grow. The contradiction is inherent. It is not a request of multiplying if the conditions are optimal in a short
or long range. It is. Therefore is not necessary to have college education to conclude that mother
earth is destined to be destroyed until ALL religions, dogmas agree on a moratorium of having
children, sex for impregnation.

In China, this has been attempted with the problem of too many men, parents very unhappy when
the only child was a girl, since that is the end of the family tree. GIRLS have always been unwanted in most cultures, primitive and civilized. For silly reasons, perceptions except on
matriarchal cultures, the few on record. Women are really the ones taking care of relevant
duties in any culture. Perhaps they are the ones responsible, directly involved with the destruction of mother earth.

Getting pregnant could be stopped by many ways. Unfortunately religion and cultural values
do not approve of this. The poorer the country, the highest amount of children per adult. The
destruction of the environment in turn is relative to this equation. Just one example. In Haiti,
there are very few trees left. They are used for charcoal, cooking and heating. You can guess
the results in short/long range. Incredible floods, erosion and finally, desertification.

The stupidity of those health, aid, hunger agency campaigns is that either the problem is resolved intelligently before hand or wait for some disaster to bring some food for a couple of
weeks until the news media forget the event. Real help could be provided with education. Considering that most of the population on earth is illiterate, forget about reading/writing, teach something relevant, allowing the survival of both people/flora/fauna. How to plant for food, orchards, raise animals, fishing, skills that will allow them to solve their own problems to the extent of the possibilities.

I know is just a dream. But juat the jeck. What about the grass? Well some may remember
that once there were sixty million buffaloes in North America. They had a lot of space to roam
migrating, moving up and down. Helping nature to renew itself with manure, seeds transported in their belly or the hair.The natives in turn hunted according to their needs, using every possible part from the animal to survive in a rough environment.

We know what happened when the western men arrived. Perhaps is not too late to discuss the issues, to start planting, to see the problem at the root. In every continent the conditions are different, so are the difficulties, there is only one solution. It is
time to stop seriously the increasing population and provide the skills for survival, respecting
our surroundings.

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I agree with you.