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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009


WOKE UP this morning with something in mind that bothers me once in a while. What relevance is there in plain aesthetics, if plants in nature exist beyond our values, mostly subjective and selfish. The issue is pertinent because in most blogs the perception expressed rarely is offered in the context of ecology.

Even though one may believe the type of gardening being practiced is superior to others in terms of not polluting, wasting water, planting those species that will enhance the environment , the others, flora/fauna keeping up with their conditions
to work as their needs require, so we can survive along with them.

It amazes me how often, (for people immersed in their own troubles/subjective/arbitrary aesthetics), horticulture becomes a superficial therapy not thought/focused adequately in terms of essential matters, the others, flora/fauna. Dirt, insects, living creatures do not exist, but the I, always the I.

We could/can not survive thinking just in our needs, subjective or else. I find more and more difficult the reading about gardening since the abundance of gardeners thinking,
writing, about the practice as something celestial, when it is not. In gardening, protecting our surroundings goes our
life and the rest of creatures.

There is nothing more abominable than those (big as many populated islands) farms of Jathropa to manufacture bio-fuels. The same goes with palm oil, bananas or you name it, except when it is done scientifically in nurseries as it is done in Spain, measuring, controlling the irrigation, fertilizing with Integrated Pest Management.

The destruction of the ecology, the soil structure, to plant whatever without any long range planning ends in destruction for profit, making the individual effort meaningless. Particularly, when our governments/private sectors, destroy in massive scale. Later when damage is irreversible, developing television propaganda to save energy with light bulbs, or recycling paper, at the same time forests, air, water, soil, are being destroyed constantly, every day, week, month.

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jCarlos dijo...

i think that the damage is already irreversible, because it seems people wont change

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


"Everything has been said. People do
not listen. We have to start from scracth again" Gide