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martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009


IT DOES NOT MATTER, if you live in Reunion Island, the Canary or the British ones. If it is cold/hot, dry/wet or in betweenies. One can create a garden with future smells. It is a matter of real patience since it is one thing to see the flowers, another to have a chance to get close to them and enjoy that unique pleasure lasting for short periods of time.

In Puerto Rico this noisy, overcrowded, god forsaken island, where those working in the many areas discussed in this blog demonstrate permanent stupidity, little or no vision, no originality when
designing any garden/installation, due to mentally challenging issues, I add now, the lack of smelling. In this wide group, I will include scientists, entomologists, botanists,
biologists and environmental indoor/computer freaks, working with environmental issues in Federal and local spheres.

The most impressive sensation I have felt down in the concrete/asphalt hell, where
leveled, straight sidewalks/roads are a mirage, will last a long while. One early
morning, while on my ecotourist strolls in Santurce,( the wonderful little island with hidden alleyways), I received, the powerful, yet subtle fragrance of the Murraya paniculata, in one corner of the Ponce de Leon Avenue, where the First Bank branch stands.

There are two row of them, on this street instersecting the above mentioned, probably twenty years old. The wind brought that nostalgic fragrance from the past. These wonderful small trees were in fashion for focal points, planted in rows or used for hedges. They are not in demand now for their slow growth. Jerks in landscaping plant TREES, such as FICUS, to create unmanageable hedges. Believe it or not.

The past. What the hell is that you may wonder. In my case, times of little or no resources, money, jobs, electricity, water, highways: childhood, not necessarily
my own. However, children were creative. In their spare time, toys were created from scratch, every game required some exercise and imagination.

Now we got fat, lazy, good for nothing mostly, just like
their parents hooked to the playstation, computer, tv and cellular phone, anxiety ridden always wanting to be entertained.. In the sixties one had at least, if you could read, newspapers and books. Now every thing seems entertainment, useless, meaningless electronic games.

Having that cleared. Lets present the best plants, vines, herbs, bushes trees with fragrance as a bonus, a scarce quality in most gardens, or in nature, when you think of it.

ACCORDING TO yours truly

1. Orange/Lemon
2. Frangipani
3. Murraya paniculata
4. Gardenia
4. Mirabilis siciliana
5. Nerius oleander *
6. Ylan-Ylan *
7. Ipomoea alba
8. Rosemary
9. Oregano
10. Thyme
11. Basil

I am not using botanical names for a change. These are not written in stone. In first place there are two since I can not tell which one is more impressive.

In number two, I am totally prejudiced. In essence, everything in this short list is actually in my inventory, except those with the asterisk.

They will never be. On six, my dislike for the ugliness of its architecture, both 5 and 6 have
an overwhelming sweet vanilla like scent, not of my liking. However, many people think its great.

I will finish this post stating that even if you do not cook, the final four on the list, are elegant on their own, enhancing any garden. People who are into herbals and edible gardens certainly have their preferences regarding fragrance. On the other hand in cooking, flavor is another scheme of things. One thing is certain, a good gardener considering everything stated here, will take
a little time to consider fragrance, and planting where is adequate, by doors and windows, against the wind.


During the last tree years that I have kept this blog,
I have offered all the skills and information shared
with the reader with the Ajaime People, Fondita de Jesus,
Hogares Rafaela Ybarra, Peninsula de Cantera,
Comunidad G8, ENLACE and many others
public/private agencies.

But the people in charge, are all idiots with little brains and
big tittles, no imagination, no exceptions to the rule. NO skills, vision and
now I add, SMELL.

This aspect of gardening has to be put in perspective.
All people in bed unable to move, in wheel chairs, the blind or
visually impaired could have little sparks of motivation
with Horticultural Therapy. One does not need
a Harvard tittle to develop some skills and objectives with
this segment of the population, perhaps in your country
this modality is practiced. Here among the jackasses is not.

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