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jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009


A NEW climate phenomenon is now with us, the COLD DROP. I have seen it before in SPAIN, but never here. It is an abrupt brutal rainstorm that could deliver 100 liters in
one square meter in minutes. It has been raining in the San Juan Metro Zone for the last 15 days on and off. Luckily the soil is mostly sand, otherwise it would be a Louisiana like swamp. Another variable is that we are supposed to have cool days/nights and it is not happening. The temperature for the month was broken
recently by five degrees. I imagine it is concrete/asphalt isle warming...

On the vegetation front, the grafted lemon tree is back with flowers. We had a great crop recently and the next already started. The five oranges are not ready yet
but getting there. Never thought of it in the past but lately I am making lemon tea, plus refreshing and easy to make lemon juice. Perhaps consequence of a mild cold thanks to
the rain.

Which reminds me of Frangipanis. Ours are shedding their leaves. It is a little pain in
the neck for a short while, having to sweep them. However, the bright fellow I am noticed Frangipani caterpillars on a tree nearby yesterday on my daily stroll to the new oasis on San Agustin Street, a block from the evil, noisy and polluting Universidad
SAGRADO CORAZON, or sacred cardiovascular muscle. At any rate I secuestered one
of the caterpillars, placing it on the white Frangipani...Lets hope that he survives the rain that just started.. If he does I will get little pellets as manure, and no sweeping of

On the garden real estate front, Sanseverias, Hibiscus, Rhoeos, Cacti, and others were
relocated to spaces with more light and or shade. In one hand, in the other plain aesthetics, survival possibilities as with a rare Basil that is now attacked by snails from
what I noticed today. What the heck, such is the interaction in the garden. I placed it
there because it needed more light and space... One Bauhinia, the blakeana type, was
relocated to a new rounded pot...Some Pseuderantemun reticulatum were put out of
commission. There were too many of them.

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Keseyoke dijo...

hi friend listen i have a pic of a plant maybe you can help me to know what it is. Im from DR let me know where can i send you the pic. Thanks a lot. Good work.

Stephanie dijo...

Antigonum, oh caterpillars good for frangipani? Sorry about the leaves. But over here, I notice that most of this tree (tropcial climate) shed leaves quite often. I do not know why. Normally those planted into the ground look better than the ones in containers. I like your description of what you see around you. The many plants/flowers you saw must have been so beautiful especially the bauhinia :-D Have a wonderful weekend.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


That may seem like a trick question.
Is it good that someone chew from your
leaves leaving you naked? Jaha bilingual laugh.

YES. It is good. The caterpillar
(if you are not afraid of them), are beautiful!
They are between 6/7 inches long, middle finger thick,alternating wide black stripes with chartreuse green thin ones.

They chew non stop these leaves that
will be shed anyhow. It is neat, at least for yours truly.

They eliminate a high percentage of the leaves that I would otherwise would have to sweep, plus the high
amount of pelleted manure they dispense constantly, fertilize.

Perhaps the best part is that once
they finish the eating, wrap themselves in a hammock like
cocoon later becoming,
a beautiful butterfly!

Many trees (these included) shed their leaves for a short period, in cold/hot seasons in tropical climates. It
is similar as to what takes place in
cold climates. There are reasons, but
I will not get into that now.
Thanks for your visit!

Stephanie dijo...

Got your messages :-D TQVM!