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lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009


HAVE MET quite a few characters in this journey, that began as a critical
view and practice against the fad for endemic flora species from certain
foreigners and natives looking to profit themselves with it. Wrapped in the
flag, as any other marketing campaign it lacked essence, depth and vision.

As I have written in this space, restoring a forest requires an inventory of
flora and fauna. A careful soil analysis. Only after you have completed this
elementary steps, you can state that you are saving this or that, including
the secretly determined extinction candidates, often covered in mysterious
prophesies, at least from my neck of my urban one hundred twenty species
garden surrounded by concrete.

One just have to wonder, who are these jerks counting whatever creature that only
they seem able to see and find in remote, isolated natural environments. What is the
formula? The contradiction is clear. Alberto Areces Mallea, Phd and Gabriela Ocampo came down here, destroyed twelve acres of soil with a huge tractor, without
those elementary steps, without any respect to nature, soil, flora, fauna, the environment or any previous experience in landscape management and installations.

They had as accomplices many island natives (mostly fools), who have never planted a bean in their lives. They believed Mr. Areces and Miss Ocampo, almost science fiction story of creating a park, for endemic species, that now has evolved in their scam artists dream to a "botanical garden" and seed bank or whatever like ideas come to this lunatic, from Cuba. However, what credibility should any one expect from someone guilty of destroying our patrimony, a perfect green space, with trees, bushes, grasses, ground covers, plants, vines, climbers endemic or not. Without inventory and soil analysis.

Why have you chosen this academician, with elephantine ego in an eggshell as scapegoat? You may wonder... The amount of money made among the two, in salaries is about a quarter of a million. Of the twelve acres, one third is covered in asphalt/concrete, with structures, buildings, roads. The paths, not in gravel as logic dictates, but in asphalt.

A hemorrhage of palms, and even worse, these fools planted Kentucky rye and Bermuda grass from seeds. It is a real trip to watch Jesus or David, two employees, in a tractor mowing these hills in 45 degrees. The vehicle sliding sideways, down the slope without traction, another stupidity from the Areces/Ocampo team. Planting turf in almost vertical hills like a sketch from the 3 stooges.

My permanent criticism to these pet symbols of ENVIRONMENTAL STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE, is even worse, and deeper than what it seems. ANY forest, any
environment exists in a context, not a vacuum. These fools from the beginning have only mentioned TREES, endemic TREES or candidates for extinction. However, a forest is not only about trees. It has birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, microbes, some one can see, others can only be found while looking for them. A forest has fungi, vines, weeds, NATIVE WEEDS, climbers, grass, plants, bushes, FRUIT TREES for birds, other animals. In brief a forest is not JUST TREES, idiots. It is an ecological system, where all kinds of creatures interact, making the environment viable. How could you destroy all that for your egotistical stupidity, ignorance? On top with
those college degrees and academic background Mr. Areces?

Almost finished. The RG Bank, has followed the steps of our eco-criminal
pet symbols. Planting trees left and right, in every imaginary context. I remind them
and every fool thinking the same way, trees in a vacuum do not solve any issues, except among the ignorant or for cosmetic fashion. Start planting trees in a context..

What other creatures are there to benefit from those trees for housing and food? The soil is not the only one benefiting from the trees. Start with the inventories, soil analysis. The environment will appreciate it.


You in far away parts of the world may have
similar problems or worst.
One thing is certain, it is time to put
the overpopulation growth in the effort
to save the environment. ZERO POPULATION GROWTH,

The global warming, the CO2, destruction of soil,
water, air in addition to people getting impregnated as rabbits particularly
in poor countries, will only add to the destruction.
It is time to discuss it seriously. I do not care for religion,
therefore if you do, start thinking about a solution.
Practice what you preach.
Not to grow and multiply,
there is no room.

2 comentarios:

Stephanie dijo...

Grass planted on almost vertical hill??? ha ha... I am afraid that it takes someone (like you!) who has a 'green' heart to understand and appreciate the whole ecological system. You are important for promoting an optimum enviroment for all :-D

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Believe it or not. They bought some silly spreaders...and spread the seeds
by themselves. They thought their stupidity and ignorance will not be
noticed. I DID.
Thanks for your visit. Check them out.
Parque Dona Ines on Youtube...