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martes, 9 de marzo de 2010


SOME time ago, some incredibly stupid, alienated Puercorican, organized the greatest traffic jam in the history of this good for nothing island, where legislation can be bought, and the native Supreme Court, decides not on precedents but on party line$.

The retarded individual, mentioned above described the plan to all who were listening, as the greatest amount of 4X4 vehicles gathered at one time, the biggest caravan of such in the world, ever. The socially redeeming intention, wonders the astute intercontinental reader. Simple. To get in that book of records the Guinness.

A brouhaha in the printed media and other, about this heroic adventure
was all around including Faisbuk, where our hero one among the feeble announced it.

Unfortunately, yours truly saw it and could not help but to do what I do best, calling the spade a spade. He was informed that polluting the air,
in addition to the noise these inefficient gas guzzlers create was nothing
to be proud of. Imagine the havoc these fools by the thousands created for the Innocent drivers passing by. Not to get in the wasted time, fuel and the effects on the environment.

Was these the greatest stupid moment in vehicular history, in the Guinness? You be the judge...


THIS once upon a time a beautiful park, probably the best in the whole
island, still looks like shit with 50% of the trees sick, almost dead, with termite damage through out the years and living termites, mutilated or
too old. There is a huge one totally dead, the bark falling on the ground waiting for the shot of grace...But as usual no one notices...

Yours truly went to chat with the Super, Milagros Morales, who was not there (787-721-8416). The secretary with the appearance of one of those
battered alcoholic housewives does not know details about her education or credentials, something really natural in the isle of the feeble minded.

The supervisor was not around either.. However when I arrived to the park, two of the four employees, were on a break at 10:30 AM, in the dirty, noisy, ugly cafeteria. Later by 11:30 they call it quits, even though most of the park has not seen a rake in weeks. I confess that the employees appearance and attitude matches that of the park. The gravel is a mess, the lawn is in the same condition. The vines/trellises look like manure..The ancient concrete cute little benches pretendingto be out of wood, surprisingly comfortable are missing or cracked.

But your favorite critic has an eye for the out of the common...A couple of pitirres were hunting for yellow butterflies, one of them being successful.
A humming bird was observed looking for non existing flowers. Which
reminded me of Antigonum's Gospel, 3rd commandment: Plant trees with birds in mind. Those hanging out in the URBAN CONTEXT. The amount, variety of birds is significant considering the PATHETIC aesthetics and maintenance of this former masterpiece of garden/park.

One final good note. I was able to collect three seeds of Guiacum, one of my favorites, and four of Ceiba pentandra, our closer creature to Bao Babs, my number one tropical favorite. And that is that. From Puercorico
USA, where the feeble minds never rest...always rule....

3 comentarios:

Juana dijo...

Hola, què tal?


Stephanie dijo...

Hi Antigonum!

How's things today? Hope that you have figured where to plant those seeds he he... You just reminded me to be more observant where ever I go :-D TQTQ.

Nonetheless, I hope they would find a way to 'clean up' that park. It is so unfortunate to have termites. It is surely an uphill task. But easiest is to rip everything out first I think. I hope they seek some expert advice fast.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Every time I am around vegetation for impulse/habit I monitor for insects beneficial or not, diseases, and seeds.

I will probably start the plants in pots for future guerrilla activity since in our residence there is no room.

Your good suggestions for the park will not happen, there is no pride
or good will in most public employees
down here, particularly in the green
areas management installation/maintenance not even in places where it should be demanded,
the Botanical Garden in Rio.


Saludos desde Nueva Kiskeya, Puerto Rico o Santurce.... Suerte y exito..