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miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010


YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT, had to travel to that ghost town, El Pais de Caguas, to visit the dentist. Bad news. I will have to visit the periodontist
again. I never mentioned it. But they have something in common with auto mechanics, those of New York and Puercorico. They will charge you an arm/leg for their services. Another thing is that if you could survive with a cleaning they will go for the surgery...And never, ever will stress the cleaning, just the surgery. I have a few horror periodontist stories to tell, maybe next time.

When I reached Padial St., there he was sitting in front of a ugly red/blue painted house, Eliezer Cruz. A former basketball pall from Savarona.
Always with a great smile, easy conversation. Minutes later, in front of City Hall, Rubencito was coming in the opposite direction. Not my friend. He is just the grandson of my fourth grade teacher. She used to bring him
to the elementary school where I studied to babysit. I am 58, I had not
seen this fellow in forty eight. Brief pleasantries exchanged, he works in the Tobacco Museum of the ghost town, not far....

Gardening news? The pink Frangipani is starting to bloom, a while after the yellow. The white one refuses to do much, except for a few leaves.
Every one of these trees do their thing at their pace, at home. The first,
has leaves and buds, the second just flowers, the white just leaves.

The Orchard Department is looking good. The third lemon crop is around the corner and the orange's second too. The flowers of these trees, compare in fragrance, subtlety, elegance, with that of Gardenias, Frangipani, or Mirabilis siciliana in my humble intercontinental opinion.

The Carica papaya has fourteen of these great tasting fruits. They will probably make their debut on the fruit salad by April. This tree is the only
survivor from three seeds that Crispin, the bar owner/friend from Tapia St., gave me 16 months ago.


In Puercorico, many talentless, useless, not too bright people,
have anointed themselves as motivators, life coaches and such, to make
a buck. They are like Paris Hilton, famous for being famous. I
will give it a try mock to be a lifecoachmotivator attempt if I may. They all preach the goodness
of yoga, vegetarianism, being humble, nice, pleasant, respectfull and such.

Contrary to the scum bags mentioned, I practice gardening.
They do not do it, because they can not stand the heat or getting
their hands dirty.

  • An intense June like heat in March, leaves no doubts as to what to expect in the next one hundred days. Fortunately, I was careful when choosing the collection. Salt breeze, drought and heat were always kept in mind.
  • When plants such as Diffenbachia, Proiphys, Aglaonema, Gardenia, Alocasia cucculata, were planted under shade with intense heat they were stunted. That changed when they moved north from south, they look lush and happy lately.
  • Observing the collection with a critical perspective/focus, I declare that is not really a big deal. Any juan can travel around his surroundings looking, picking here and there, reaching 120 species. Reaching a more or lesser amount.
  • The magic is not in question, is not even the plants or vegetation. Nor contrasts in shape, height, texture, color, leaves form/size, fragrance, flowers, foliage and everything else.
  • The feeling of accomplishment pops out when birds, lizards, bees,beetles, Diva, snails, and everybody else pays a visit. Most are welcome, some not as much.
  • It increases slowly, permanently, as the growth flows in all directions, with some plants staying put, others changing neighborhoods. Then you/I look at the garden with that sensation similar to those finishing a marathon. The job is done. Time to enjoy. And that is that.

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The Rainforest Gardener dijo...

Its so fun to see gardens mature for better or worse. I like how the plants less suited to the site succumb to those that are, and in time growing into a healthier garden. But mostly I like the shade.

Stephanie dijo...

Hello Antigonum!

Sorry to hear about your dentist appointment. Fyi, the charges here are really high as well. In fact, all medical bills are really high here. For those who cannot afford, they go to government hospitals for both dental and health problems.

I just repotted a number of plants yesterday and yes it was dirty. But now my plants are happily sitting in pots that are more comfortable in. I happy for the plants and for the work that I have done. True satisfaction! Gardening is fun :-D

Have a great day.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


I understand why most people prefer the shade. When I plant I enjoy watching competition for light, but avoid the fighting till death when


Here is the same if you have a paid
medical plan or not...However if you need a government hospital, good luck!

Thanks for the visit...