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domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010


FORGIVE ME, for addressing issues that even if related to endemismo, are mostly on the news, and as I suspected not of the interest of bloggers that once in a while jump in the painted green environmental bandwagon.

If you are one of those fearful of God in the Christian mode, you may remember that
impressive scene (one of my favorites), when his son drops by the TEMPLE and observes it has been converted into a street market...His anger is pretty cool if I may...

Puercorico is pretty much like that temple, the whole society from top to bottom as you will soon see.

Ceiba pentandras are magnificent trees of the family Malvaceae and subfamily Bombacoideae. A Bao Bab is like a Ceiba a hundred times heftier as if in steroids,
for comparison sake. Ceibas are our endemic champion...

In some neck of the woods in the Puercorican wild west, some mayor, requested
permission from our BOTANIST/BOTANICAL EXECUTIONER, 007 Recursos Naturales, the government agency that cares and protect our TREES, SOILS, and else,
to execute the 23 year old. This one had left four hundred years left to live, judging from other ancient Ceibas around the isle. As ALWAYS it was granted.

In the concrete/asphalt isle the populace kill or mutilate trees for fun, when bored,
to avoid picking up the leaves, to stop birds from shitting on their windshields,
to annoy the neighbors, because the roots lift the side walk or wrap around the pipes, and they are living creatures. One recent anecdote puts Ivan Sanchez, a soberanist, anti colonialism zealot, destroying without remedy a 2o year old Bucera busaris, to get a signal for a satellite dish. Believe it or not! People like to kill, or at least that is the way I perceive it.

Your humble servant wants to offer the whole show..bear up.. These are individual trees in specific urban/country conditions. But the greater amount of trees, flora and fauna are executed with permits from 007 are HOUSING/HIGHWAY DEVELOPERS,
millions of them, for the last 7 decades in the four cardinal points of the isle of concrete/asphalt enchantment and beyond our shores island municipalities.

Back to the Ceiba from my story...This one was in the city...The reason to kill it in the dark of the night when no one was watching? The roots were growing incorrectly, as
the expert interviewed declared to the news! The truth is that some building is being
constructed, and the tree was in the way.. What is the problem with this? People are
angry because they were attached to it...And they feel it should have been killed during
daylight...And I agree with them...Impunity as the one saturating this forsaken, dirty
isle would have made no difference.

NOW it is TITO TIME. He can wear a suit elegantly, a former boxing champ with the elegance/style of KID PAMBELE, just a little bit better, but not like Macho Camacho or Muhamed. Made some millions, invested unwisely and lost some with regueton, the shitty genre for mentally retarded music aficionados.

Bought some land, deciding what else? To develop. Unfortunately, this squeaky voiced
fellow, with a great people person personality, unlike myself, was denounced by the vicinity for DESTROYING the land, flora and fauna without a permit! Since he is black, or darkie, if you prefer, I would not doubt that is part of the reason why his project was stopped. The permit, historically is/has been academic.

Among other things he is accused of creating erosion, diverting water streams with pipes and destroying flora and fauna. EXACTLY what everyone else has been doing for the last seventy years in the name of PROGRESS.

He will have to pay $140,000 for the damage and forget about his development
and profit dreams, something very rare, considering the damage done by others in the
past and I promise, in the future.

The moral of the story? If you have the money to bribe ARPE, 007 Recursos Naturales, you could build a housing project on land prone to floods, close by the ocean or take public land as in Paseo Caribe. That is what the Housing Developers have been doing, making billions in profits, making the island a concrete platform devoid of flora/fauna endemic or not...Or if you are politically connected as the Mayor of Aguadilla....

Tito, the scapegoat of the environmental debacle in Puercorico, USA. What should be
done since our former champion has about .005 IQ, is to put in jail the engineers and architects involved in the project. This guy is not bright at all, I can not believe he consciously allowed such stupidity. On the other hand, MOST people do not see, perceive, appreciate nature.

Why should the village idiot become the pet symbol against environmental destruction when the WHOLE SOCIETY, has swept other instances under the carpet and never, ever had the guts to judge mostly pasty pale people with power, in the destruction for profits condoned by everyone?

These are the ethics of the game in Puercorico, USA. Time to go.

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