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viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010


IT HAS BEEN a wild at heart week. It started my jihad with the White Flies in capital letters, what a pain this cute insects are. They behave just like Al-Qaeda the
barbarian Sunni islamists. I got them in both houses near by, hanging out in the
Ixoras and Tecomas. I investigated. I got rid of a DK vine, an Ipomea in front of the house. They still visit the Calliandra, Murraya, and found out they love lemons. I am
doomed for the rest of my gardening life...But is not a big deal after all I water spray
my collection daily, know where they hang out...White flies, the gardener al-qaeda, you eliminate them in the north and appear in the south. What the heck....

IN the plant living in pots department the following: lemon, orange, Coccoloba uvifera, Chayamansa and Pithelobium dulce, were pulled out and put back after the soil was amended with one third of my homemade compost and earth worms. They all look fine and happy. Only the lemon shows a little stress with falling leaves, not the first time....


IN THE original installation by the train station, everyjuan is happy as clam, except the Thevetia peruviana, looking like shit, with most leaves burned. However the DK tree, the Tamarindus indica, and dwarf Cosmos are looking marvelous even without water for most of the last thirty days.

It is really impressive, not because I write it, (try it yourself) but think of a canvas with just
green/beige/brown and now add orange and yellow spots here and there... I am glad at the
scenery, even if they will fall victims of the municipal trimmer executioners squad, soon. There
will be seeds spread by the wind and birds....On my visit, a minuscule yellow butterfly came to pay respects...

On the San Carlos site, the Pithelobium seeds, Murrayas, and one pumpkin are comming along.
I went to irrigate yesterday, since they are still fragile, but considering this week end will be a rainy one, success is guaranteed.

This site is the one with graffiti. I did not mention that many wild plants grow in the strip
24 inches wide and about 75' long. Albizia, one Dracaena, Pothos, Antigonon leptopus and,
wild Margaritas are among the inhabitants. They are slowly coming back after the back hoe squashed them, thirty days ago...

As with any gardening done in this god forsaken concrete/asphalt isle, it may go away..I enjoy it while I can. However, in the back of my mind the possibility that one or many VANDALS,
will destroy the whole or parts of it... never goes away. The satisfaction will remain in photos or memory.

Doing something is still much healthier physically/mentally, than all the bullshit read about saving the environment, the 'global warming' without any mention of the concrete/asphalt heating...and that is that...time to go...

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The Rainforest Gardener dijo...

I am so glad to see someone agree about the urban heat effect and the skewed priorities of the well to do "environmentalists" who think that saving the earth means buying expensive cars and other crap when asphalt/concrete are the real contributors to climate change. If you look at a zone map of florida you'll see that zone 9b actually swoops around to orlando with areas of 10a thrown in. Of course it wasn't like this before the 70's and &^%%# Disney.
Why don't more people stop wasting time complaining about corporations and just plant some native canopy trees to cool your immediate area at least? The tree's transpiration process also cools the atmosphere! And why do people feel the need to destroy plants in public places? People suck.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

There are ways to disconnect ourselves from what surround us, with indifference
and complacency...
It is the easy way out..Here, there, everywhere...
It gives people, the populace, comfort. If the climate is fucked up
the reason is 'global warming', but when you look at the rate of deforestation from Housing/Highway developers...where does the water previously absorbed by the ground goes? Does it increases the sea level? It has to...Yet all the
feeble minded blame ALL the problems on 'global warming'.
Thanks for your feedback. It is stimulating to find once in a while
people looking at the bullshit, with the right focus.
In my opinion 8 out of every 10 environmentalists SUCK. They do not
plant even a bean for sports sake...

In consequence they repeat what they
read/talk without much analysis, from their monitor believing they are doing something worthwhile, when
in reality, they SUCK any way one looks at it.

You do something most people do not.
Provide solutions. Planting the correct vegetation, always found
in nature, the wild one, will help
reduce the damage.

Thanks for the visit, until then...

El tuturutu de Julia del Prado dijo...

Su labor es encomiable, rescatar lo que da la tierra; la belleza que aún tiene, el presente y su mañana, a través de sus blogs. Bellas fotos.

Gracias por venir a los míos, por sus palabras; son un verdadero aliento para continuar