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sábado, 20 de junio de 2009


SOMETIME, around 4 June 2009 I reported on the first vertical garden in Puerto Rico in the the Golden Mile area in Hato Rey. A piece of manure well documented in that post. Worth mentioning that this geniouses are probably in the millionaire scam of lawn/palm planting/propagating/selling of Gonzalez Bauza from Gramas Lindas, who is in turn a partner of NOSFERATU Candelabro, the bufoon and writer, guru of landscape maintenance installation, fruit grafted trees, in this pathetic concrete asphalt isle. It is all in the family.

Well, yesterday I went to check this aberration(vertical garden) noticing the first plants are already dead or in the process. Lucky fellows considering that the whole May, and June have been more rainy than the average. Besides the problems that will make
this monster fail, is the constant sun: morning to afternoon and the microclimate created by the concrete surroundinds, and pavement. Since the plants have no nutrients except water from pipes...you may guess how much longer they will remain with us.

On other fronts. Check please, the pictures out to the right of the blog...Rio Piedras
Botanical Garden front entrance installation. If you look carefully you will observe
a compacted soil. Well? Guess what...The scam artists bought the grass from Gramas Lindas in squares and placed them on the compacted soil. Result? There are weeds as tall as the the shitty yellowing turf. Already half dead. It looks horrendous and getting worse as the ugly abused plants grow.

But that is not the worst site I had the pleasure to view. Yesterday was ecoturism day and I went to Carolina, a clean, very clean and ugly town, with a dead downtown, almost a ghost town. I used a secondary road the 65th Infantry. All the median is now overcrowded with half dead palms, chefferas, red acaliphas and some ornamental grass. Hundreds of them.

NOW if you want to go to the airport or to CAROLINA you have to watch the painful to the eyes installations: hundreds of palms, about ten percent already dead, at a cost of 2 million bucks! A total rip off from these politically connected nurseries, ripping
off left and right the fools in government, without any knowledgeable, humble servant as yours truly to stop it.

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Antigonum Cajan dijo...

A royal pain in the ass, all these
absurd, with no maintenance, palms!