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martes, 23 de junio de 2009


PERHAPS YOU, remember a few words mentioned about the character in the tittle. Wordy, made one thinks of the jester in the court, without the humor. As a consequence memories came flying forward about that somewhat marvelous city,
New York.

In Manhattan, on week days, or week ends in some boroughs; farmers, edible gardeners travel hundred of miles to come to the markets created by/for them to
sell their produce. This markets are always fun, placed in areas reachable by
public transportation or walking.

There one may find seeds, apples, cherries, plums, peaches, blueberries, tomatos, lettuce, cucumbers, many weird vegetables and things that are healthy. Some are known only to the initiated, fanatic vegetarians, enemies of meat and others..

But one can also find eggs, pastries, breads, jellies, honey, flowers and plants. The list could be endless, since the possibilities change with the season.

The people doing the selling are most of the time the farmers themselves or their
friends and relatives. Most are friendly and simple, not with the barista
attitude found in those artificial coffee places in which one with cream cost the equivalent of a quarter of pound.... and is never better than my own.

Well what is all this for? To demonstrate that in Puerto Rico, people in groups doing this or that, environmentalists, edible gardeners and such do not show much imagination to develop concepts or ideas that cost nothing to improve the conditions
of their bag of predilection.

IN THE metro area of San Juan, on week ends the streets are just like those tumbleweed, ghost towns in USA. Imagine if all the people cultivating this or that, cooks, bakers, everyone with something to sell, got together in a street market such as this. To add a little medieval touch, jesters and buffoons could tell stories about
Puerto Rico, when there was no electricity, water and refrigeration, during Spain times and early USA.

Cooking classes, cultivating, propagating techniques could be offered for free to the public. Performers of instrumental music, preferably without irritating percussion and amplification could be placed away from each other to entertain.

The most important things to conclude are: CLEAN PORTABLE TOILETS, and parking directions. In Puerto Rico most people will take their cars instead of walking four or five blocks.

To organize this type of event one does not need to go to Harvard. Why in the Metro Area? Many people will not travel to Marta's neck of the woods, with the cost of gas
shitty roads, traffic jams. If the city does refuse to give permits...do it underground or in a clandestine manner, just as GUERRILLA GARDENERS make our surroundings better.

For some reason this type of fair is always fun. For those not suffering from social
dysfunction, a great way to mingle without spending much money. Sorry if I have
failed my critical, with abrasive tone duties. Until then. Perhaps you could do something like this in your country. Bringing the farm, garden to the asphaltconcrete.

2 comentarios:

Juanml dijo...

Me sorprende que uds. noadquirieran esa tradicion, pues yo lo veo como una tradicion Norteamericana, pues donde resido (Canada), tambien los celebran, y leyendo su post solo imaginaba lo que he visto en esos encuentros. Yo tengo mi favorito, en un pueblecito llamado Aylmer, ON, donde casi todos los granjeros son Menonitas, y en la ciudad "grande" que me queda mas proximo (London, ON), lo celebran en la plaza frente al Mercado Oficial (Downtown), y de nuevo el ambiente es tal como lo describes.

Tambien me llamo la atencion de tu escrito, que mencionas "los portatiles", eso fue algo que note en mi exilio desde un principio (quizas por el pais de donde vengo), y es una forma de yo saber cuando van a empezar alguna construccion nueva, o reparar una avenida, etc., pues antes de los trabajadores llegan los "portatiles", para uso de ellos. Tu post ofrece una muy buena idea no solo para los locales, sino incluso para el gran turismo que uds. reciben, ojala encuentre eco.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Sus comentarios estimulan
al esfuerzo. Resulta curioso
que alla tan lejos, tenga eco algo o el todo.

Escribi sobre el tema luego de conocer a la Matriarca Magha Garcia, con su fundacion OROVERDE, blog de igual nombre, Fundacion y toda la onda.. en espera de alguna finca ... .

Y que hacen estos y los demas para ser originales? NADA.
Quejarse de que el gobierno no ayuda a los agricultores y estos
Habiendo soluciones creativas..que pudiesen desarrollarse en el marco
urbano, cultural, musical y creativo, no solo el comercial. Como no se la ha ocurrido a uno de estos horticultures de comestibles..no
lo se.

Por aca es importante seguir la
corriente no sentar pautas.

Pero causa un gran placer que alguien comparta experiencias
como esta. Algo que disfrute y vive en el recuerdo.

Un abrazo desde el Caribe.