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sábado, 20 de junio de 2009


YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IT, yet it is true. 007 Department of Natural Resources, the same agency that allows the total rip off of all flora/fauna in Puerto Rico, the former Island of Enchantment, re-baptized by yours truly, Concreteasphalt Island, 'regulates' HUNTING during certain months, days
and holidays with firearms or bow and arrow.

I discovered this hidden treasure in my archives from 1977. This 007 agency, with license to
kill, with it or without, used to give away information kits about any imaginable issue
about ecology/environment. Mangroves, turtles, mines, caves, rivers, birds you name it. Laughable even sad, it that this agency has more regulations than the US Army, without any possibility to enforce them, or minimal desire. Constantly being bribed by politicians or the free enterprise, particularly when constructions are the issue. Recursos Naturales is our ALI BABA and the forty thieves. In your countries, it is probably the same, at least in some. Money makes the world go around......


1. Zenaida aurita Zenaida dove
2. Zenaida asiatica White-winged dove
3. Zenaida macroura Morning doe

4. Columba squamosa Red-necked pigeon

5. Aythya affinis Lesser scaup
6. Aythya collaris Ring-necked duck
7. Anas americana American wigeon/ baldpate
8. Anas discora Blue winged teal
9. Anas crecca Green winged teal
10. Anas Clypeata American shoveler
11. Anas Acuta Northern pintail
12. Anas platyrhynchos Mallard

13. Fulica americana American coot
14. Fulica cabaea Caribbean Coot
15. Fallinula Chioropus Antillean gallinule
16. Gallinago gallinago Wilson's snipe

YOU may also kill goats, pigs in MONA Island, one of Puerto Rico's territories in the
west. Collect or hunt amphibians and reptiles not in danger "of extinction", following
a list in the brochure from 1975, that I will skip but willing to provide if any inquiry
comes along.


I am for a ban: on boxing, fishing as a sport, wrestling, cockfights, bullfights, ultimate fights, a worldwide moratorium on construction, any cruel entertainment for barbarians, live or on television. FISHING is a real cruel way to kill animals. Pulling them out of the water, no breathing! Particularly with hooks, one is tortured before the ultimate kill or dropped in boiling water. I think aboriginals have a right to kill whatever is necessary for their survival, turtles, whales and so on.

But commercial fishing? If you watch those guys fishing tuna in the coasts of SOMALIA, which explains the constant kidnappings, you will probably never eat it
again. These fishermen with ships one street block in lenght, fish during EIGHT MONTHS, not leaving until there is no room for one more fish.

Back to the future. I am fifty seven years old. I have never seen in Puerto Rico ANYTHING about these people with licences/without them hunting or fishing anywhere at any time. A total mistery NEVER discussed in any media or forum.
It is as if it does not happen or exist.

I reiterate. Aboriginals have the right to kill game for their needs in my view. If I had to kill to survive, will probably starve. I leave you with some hilarious question. I asked the maximun authority on vegetarianism of the constipated puertorican
television vegetarian guru JOSY la Torre, or the Tofu Clown: Who protects the rights of the lettuce and tomatos?


When I observe the size and beauty of these animals I could never shoot any. I would rather go to the supermarket, or butcher shop.

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Juanml dijo...

I don't like hunting, and I wish I could be a vegetarian (sorry, I know you love Vegetables), but I enjoy my bbq, it is a shame, and everytime I drive by a cattle farm I can't avoid thinking about it.

Julito dijo...

1-Tortola cardosantera
2-Tortola aliblanca
3-Tortola Rabilarga o Rabiche
4-Paloma Turca
5-Pato pechiblanco
6-Pato del medio
7-Pato cabeci blanco
8-Pato Zarcel
9-(te lo devo)
10-Pato Cuchareta
11-Pato Pescuecilargo
12-Pato ingles
13-Gallinazo Americano
14-Gallinazo Nativo
15-Gallareta Comun
16-Becasina ( Esta en especifico es bien dificil de encontrar)

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


I want to thank all visitors and comments/no comments.

Regarding barbikiuses, congratulations. Not many are aware of the ways of cooking outdoors..I am really impressed by
the fanaticism of this style of cooking in the South of USA, much superior in varieties of sauces,
smoking. It is a real trip to watch
those people creating recipes to compete, and the rivalry between each state as to who does
it better.

Thanks for bringing it up, a cooking technique from our aboriginals.......

Julito, gracias por la lista, ahora
a ver si tiras unas fotitos de estos hermosos animalitos, para ponerlas en mi blog, o si prefieres
las pones en el tuyo. A ver si le pones la hora semanal...
Gracias mil......

To the dissident. This is the second time you question what I write, do your OWN research, with
the 007 Recursos Naturales, its free. I do not pull stories/information quoted, out
my sleeve, this was provided, by RN, in an information kit, go and question them.
The first time you wondered was regarding Frangipanis. They do well in POTS!

Farewell, endemismo welcomes dissidents, native islanders or not, I would prefer if you come with criteria, ANY.