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lunes, 29 de junio de 2009


DEBATING trying to communicate with a wall, is a futile endeavor. One has to study,
meditate the issues. Particularly when one makes no money, does not give a manure about recognition or fame in the chosen vocation. Nor there is much sympathy for the cacophony of bipeds moving around zombie like without worries.

Check these names out, perhaps meaningless, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez. Baseball players. If one adds the total salary of these individuals for ten years, it could probably reach half the national gross income
of Haiti. What is so important about this? ALL have been guilty of using performance enhancing drugs.

The fanatics admiring these folks could care less about the criminal actions of their
idols as long as their teams win, even better if they win the 'World Series'. It is forgoten totally, is put aside, it never happened...

Same thing happens with the destruction of our environment. Those preachers of recycling this or that, cleaning this beach or that beach, are unfocused, up in their
little niches, I have mentioned it before. Fishing in the murky waters, without knowing, showing any respect, working in unity with one single purpose. That is
why the environment remains the bandwagon to climb out of boredom, the trivial
urge of prehistoric solidarity.


The Ipomoea alba, from our only seed exchange, is about twelve feet long. In the next couple of days the first flowers will show their colors. The Black eyed-Susan,
Susanaojinegra, feels more comfortable coiling through the aluminun spiral shaped wire than the straight up string previously in place.

One of the Hibiscus, red, changed venues, from pot to ground. Did look terrible
for the first week, now, the leaves are opening and showing the green emerald color
with a couple of flowers blooming.

Cosmos sulphereous, yellow and orange, from Cupey and Orocovis respectively are
doing great, self seeding as is their habit...The Frangipanis, yellow, white, have no flowers but the pink one does.

Coccolova uvifera was attacked by two different insects of the chewing kind. Some
leaves look like crap, however, chewing is better than the sucking of sap, since the latter is often followed by diseases in the vascular system, often killing the plants.

The Bouganvillea in the corner of the south garden in front of the house has reached
some height, but not one flower. Not a big deal. It was planted for shade and security. The thorns are much better than barbed wire with the added value of aesthetics.

Time to go.

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