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miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009


DOES IT MATTER? The editor at 'TURF' magazine inquired once, why
was I so angry. My response? Because I can. That magazine along
with 'Landscape Management' are the only two worth checking out
to understand the mentality of people in the landscape maintenance

If you as gardener have no idea of what I am writing about, lets do it in
one sentence. In Puerto Rico and USA, plant propagators/nurseries are
the ones running the show. In your country is probably the same.
Plants are chosen according to the final profit and growth behavior
inside the nursery and later when put for wholesale close to you.

If the plants, trees, bushes, pass away or survive at home, if they look cool or stupid, get sick or not
in not meaningful. The sale is what matters. That partially explains, why every garden everywhere looks the same: no options. That is why I propagate my own and you should learn. To have a unique garden.

What else can you learn looking at the pages of these magazines? The landscape companies owners justifications for cheap Mexican or any other immigrant group labor. Often with a compassionate humanitarian hint that could make tears run down if one had a chance to listen to Vivaldi's, Four Seasons while reading.

In times of drought, and believe moi, I some states in USA, there has
been no rain water in years. Their solution? Irrigation! Believe it or not.
Instead of planting resistant species for drought/heat, often available
in nature, no good. Irrigation is what we need. All the time these irrigation computerized systems get more sophisticated and expensive.
Oh guess what, they operate with electricity.

Another feature that your garden MUST have: jaccuzzis, ponds, water
streams, fire pits and entertainment facilities. If they look corny and
artificial it does not matter. The sale is the important thing, not aesthetics
or proportions.

Other things, snow plowers, cute irrigation heads, resistant to lawn mowers and trimmer damage, new resistant to this and that turf seeds,
for shade, heat, sun, wet you name it. Gasoline operated trimmers, pruners and blowers. Lawn mowers using propane, diesel, gas/oil. And on and on.

The environment, ecology occasionaly, becomes the subject. Often in times of crises. Just as it is happening know, when many people either do
their own silly lawns or let it grow as in a praire for lacking money.

You get the idea. I would like to end with a discovery that now that I think
of it, seems very logical. The stupidity and foolishness demonstrated in our pictures here, regarding maintenance, garden installations, custom and use, is not necessarily a patrimony of Puertorican islanders. In USA, the exact same or worse thing takes place.

PLEASE VISIT: http://www.finegardening.com/item/8939/why-not-replace-your-plants-with-styrofoam.

I found it very enlightening for one reason. Besides being written in
a non abrasive smooth fashion, there seems to be some anger, irony and sarcasm also, just a little bit cooler. Spread the word. Stupidity, ignorance, is pandemic. Lets put a stop to it. If possible.

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