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martes, 9 de junio de 2009


I JUST RECEIVED the MAY issue of Landscape Management, (lanscapemanagement.net), and as usual, the editorial stance remains stable as the tittle of this post indicates. I would like to go in detail, but I think that most people
will rather investigate themselves and reach conclusions based on their particular
situation, and geographical position.

At this time lets go to the numbers. They represent according to this source, the amount of H2B workers in the landscaping industry in USA. That nomenclature,
(nice for some rock group) represents foreign workers with federally issued permits
allowing to work for a season and going back to their countries. The trick is that is not free. It costs those employers willing to go that way, between $2,500/$3,000 per employee. The other option is/was, to hire illegals as it is profitable and customary.

NOW the story has changed somewhat. In Arizona for example, some mayors and small time politicians have taken enforcement of immigration laws in their
hand, writing/enforcing local laws to fine, imprison employers hiring illegals. These politicians are sick and tired of these migrants huge families, overcrowding the schools, hospitals and other services driving these towns to the brink of bankruptcy.

In some raids covering other economic sectors such as the poultry processors, 300/400 workers were
arrested under the suspicion of identity theft, illegal entry. Those without
proof of legal residence, permit to work, deported.

The numbers by country:
  1. Mexico 102,244
  2. Jamaica 14,954
  3. Guatemala 4,567
  4. Romania 2,803
  5. Canada 2,494
  6. Philippines 2,482
  7. South Africa 1,013
  8. United Kinddom 1,897
  9. Dominican Republic 1,420
  10. Australia 1,305
The source is Department of Homeland Security. Numbers represent H2B/H2R visa,
entrances, not issuances.

You can make anything you want with the numbers. My position is that the speculation repeated over and over that white/black USA citizens are unwilling to work outdoors
in landscaping chores can not be true by itself.. One thing is evident, you have to be in shape to deal with heat, sweat. Stamina is required.

HOWEVER, that in return should be compensated. How many people anywhere in their own country
will be willing to work for peanuts (8/9 bucks hour), in the heat, rain, cold and snow. Without insurance, medical benefits and vacations? In season, forced to do overtime ten/twelve hours.

The argument is that USA nationals are not cut for this kind of work. There is another issue.
They expect you to remain in the job the whole season. The complaint is that many construction
workers for example, in landscaping temporarily, leave after four months. After they have learned the skills to perform their tasks in a speedy manner. In other words you have to be
grateful and should not find better ways to make a buck. That is why they prefer to hire
legal/illegal help. I believe in Spain, for example, is the same story. Everyone into avarice
justifies their stance by any means.

What has all this to do with gardening? I believe that gardening, horticulture is a W I D E, scheme. Many people around the world hire others to do their gardens, because they are lazy bums, senior citizens or have the money to do so. Is it worth to have gardens, landscaping installations in this way, allowing scams artists to make profits while exploiting others as modern slaves?

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Juanml dijo...

It surprised me to see Canada #5 (Canadians enjoy a high life standard, and is easy for Canadians and Americans to apply and getting and special work visa for working in either USA or Canada). I'm almost sure those are legal inmigrants in Canada with not jobs (different than USA is too hard to get a Job in Canada if you don't speak the language), then moved to USA and start living and working like illegals (and after caught are deported back to Canada). I've heard stories about some dominicans in that situation.
You have made a good point in your post, in Canada for example, every season the government issues work visas for seasonal agricultural workers, most of them come from Jamaica (former British Colony), and a smaller percent come from Mexico. For many illegals living in Canada, that's the only field they can find a job. Most of the locals working in farms are legal inmigrants with low educational level, and you know the reason: hard work and low wages. Well, you know how it is, every Country has its own issues...

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


Your comments to the point. It widens the focus to understand
such a problem. To be honest, I did not
think of the argument you have
At any rate, in essence, employers
looking for profits above any other
consideration, have created this situation.
However, one rarely finds any articles pin pointing the cause
of this wide, unfair, exploitative
situation in many countries in
the world.
Most, want to reduce it to the pet
migratory scape goat: Mexicans.
Thanks for your visit.

jCarlos dijo...

We are in the list!!

Juanml dijo...

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