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miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009


SINCE clases are about to start. The college mentioned, formerly a high school for the Catholic segment of the population, decided to rush ALL the maintenance of their buildings and fields.

In consequence some probable illegal workers from LA ESPANHOLA, were hired to sandblast
the walls with the intense, irritating noise, AFTER 3PM. The racket lasted for a week
and 8/9 PM. The reason is that this kind of enterprise, usually have work during office
hours, getting to the other jobs when people are trying to rest in the privacy of their home.

After that, the same crew came on the week end in a truck with a basket, to lift the
usual suspects to the second/third floors to paint the walls, with the constant noise of the motor, and the damn beeps back and forth. Even though they had two months to do it, they as the puerorican use/custom dictates, left it for the last minute.
The colors? Manure brown and custard yellow.

In the landscaping department the imbeciles from Sagrado Corazon, Mr. Ricci dean of administration and accomplices, did what has
become epidemia, lash and burn, uproot everything, even if usable leaving the ground bare.

Later Miguel Cebollero, an obscure 'Professional Arborist', from Arboles Urbanos (dreamscape@prtc.net) and his crew, mutilated with chain saws, some more the already
mutilated Mahogany trees previously mutilated with machetes by the four
ignorant fools working as gardeners, and supervisor in the the 30 acres
of Sagrado Corazon. The evidence giving up these ignorant jerks is there.
Crooked branches that should have been cut, were left standing. NOW
the trees have a much worse appearance since branches hiding the uglyness are no longer there. PICAPALOS de mierda!

One of those trees appears on this blog, not far from a pedestrian crossing. It is amazing how the jerk segment of the population claims he/she is this or that. IF this guy was an arborist with CREDENTIALS, perhaps he would have responded to my emails, but no, silence night, holy night.

Later, another crew, this time, of undetermined origin were observed
while planting what else? 6 RIDICULOUS huge palms, not enhancing at all the silly, lame surroundings. Yesterday, when these criminals were
noticed in action, yours truly observed some crooked B I G palms and
bare ground.

Lets guess, since they uprooted the loved Ixoras, I bet dollars to doughnuts that grass, chefferas, mangle plateado, liriopes or danelas
will be planted. Not forgetting the unaceptable irrigation system sticking
from the ground eight inches. Believe it or not. This is Puerto Rico Verde.

If any of you, know of any vacancy in landscape maintenance as a volunteer, with room and board only, or hired for a salary, forward the information, including the far east, I am ready to go. This is getting tiresome.

My garden is my oasis, but it implies that I would have to live as a monk
in a cave, without contact with anyone, something not so bad when one think of it, the quality of what I see, find, observe here. I am willing to take the risk, and leave again. A good conversation once in a blue moon
is always welcome.

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