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viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009


LET'S BEGIN SIDEWAYS. There is a rare tree on the right side of the blog, very
rare, indeed. It is the first time I see it, even though I knew and admire the family
DRACAENAS. You may have noticed that I have some at home. At any rate, I was
expecting any one's curiosity with anticipation. It is the most perfect tree I have
seen until now.

IT IS Dracaena cinneraria, along with Dracaena draco, two pieces of
conversation not found anywhere around this godforsaken island.
The Draco is propagated, sold, installed in Australia's landscapes.
It is really an impressive work of art, for hot/dry/salty environments.
Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone selling or propagating any of the
the two in USA, perhaps in California, where money buys anything and
the climate is perfect. If you belong to that W I D E segment of the world
population thinking erroneously that palms are such a great acquisition
for your garden/landscape, I would recommend these. Keeping in mind
the impossibility to get one. If wrong educate me, thanks.

This is
the occasional bonus, now to the tittle.

I should have written about such an important subject l o n g time ago. HOWEVER,
now I can not wait any longer. Some kind lady requested about my availability to
do consultant work for their community. A very interesting one by the way, thanks
to the age, the design, location and vegetation in existence.

She was invited to visit my gardening headquarters or residence, if you prefer. Even
though glimpses of the garden appear in some of the shitty pictures to the right, it is not the same to explain to those interested why anything is planted where it is. Think of shade/sun/wind for example. The criteria to plant it, based on aesthetics something v e r y subjective or resistance to the qualities mentioned to which diseases are added now. Maintenance is perhaps the most important of all since no
matter how perfect are the variables; if taking care of the whole/part is a pain in the
ass, you failed, period.

I have already mentioned three issues: noise, pollution and aesthetics. I have no intention to sell out. One of my critics and foes made a mock of the Guanica post,
when I wrote that I will not sell Ficus, turf or bromeliads. His argument? Profits!
He invited me to create a nursery and fail. He is probably right. All the people I have
dealt with, educated academically, horticulturally or not...are a bunch of J E R K S.

Educating the populace has its virtues. I am not in the mood. If you read ten, twenty,
or thirty of these posts, you will have all the arguments to contradict me or agree. But, the ways the world goes regarding fuel consumption, noise, CO2, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, soil and water pollution prove me right, even If was
another jerk in the wild bunch dominating impossing their ignorant stupidity in the world or down here, in Puerto Rico.

In brief. when requesting consultant services you should provide a botanical/popular
list of names of ALL vegetation planted on the premises, dimensions in feet, acres or whatever. Pictures if possible of trees/bushes pruned correctly or not, diseases, erosion, grass and so on.

How much money has the community board spent in landscaping management anually? How MANY hours a week, a month, a year? How many employees
in the company? Are they elegant humble gardeners in nice looking uniforms or go to work in rags, faded out tee shirts, not hats, no gloves, no protection when spraying whatever may be, do the holler constantly or respect the necessary quiet?

On this front I expect no miracles. Is the individual in charge in the mood to propose
ways to cut the noise, pollution, money expenses, time, elimination of turf, trees, palms, hedges that do not add to the aesthetics of the composition in your landscape? You are right. No ONE is going to reduce his/her money with such
suggestions, I will, since my vocation is to set trends. To be what I can be without
limits, doing things others have no scrotum to do.

If you are a member of a board, or a resident and you believe any of the above words,
concepts, ideas worthy to save money and the environment, flora and fauna, is your
responsibility to educate yourself and demand from the idiots in landscaping, arboriculture, landscape architects to protect your pocket, flora fauna and the environment.

It may take more effort, more exercise, more time, but less pollution, no stress, no noise. But carefull planning is necessary. In CONCORDIA GARDENS, huge ugly buildings 5o years old, with over three hundred apartments, elevators that are too
often broken, the BOARD AND RESIDENTS, are so fucking cheap that the people
cleaning toilets, halls and stairs do the landscaping on the side!

The residents are so stupid that complained bitterly about leaves or birds shitting on their cars to the board. Solution? To do the ugliest, greatest mutilation of trees I have seen in any private housing, highway, road, or street. I do not know if the birds no longer
sleep on the branches, but one thing is certain. The mutilation will create ten branches where there was one thanks to the improper pruning there are no leaves
nor shade, just oven like heat. And that is that.

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