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lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009


SOME OF MY repeat readers may have noticed that every once in a while I
do some ecotourism, either in l o n g walks or by car. Yesterday, we took a short trip to Parque Luis Munhoz Rivera and a former attractive beach, El
Escambron. These public spaces are both in the north, facing the Atlantic, and both stink in essence, figuratively and literally all over.

Even though LMR Park is the only one designed with aesthetic values, wide paths, fountains, focal points, architectural vision, it is unkempt. It looks
abandoned, like a ghost town like most of Puerto Rico, at least in the San Juan Metro Area. It reminds yours truly of those frontier towns in our
third world, or further away.

It is so unkempt and dirty, that a faux Gaudi, rare, unique structure is hiding and can only be
discovered/noticed from the opposite side of the avenue, in front of Sixto Escobar, former glorious baseball stadium. Next door to a former architectural art deco masterpiece the NORMANDIE HOTEL, also abandoned and closed.

In Puerto Rico, the noveau rich economic and political dominant classes,
have destroyed an incredible amount of architectural jewels, mostly art deco from the 20's, 30's and 40's, demonstrating their
street peddler sophistication. It is painful to look at the pictures of the Georgetti Mansion, for example, at a cost of seventeen million bucks. At the time, one in a group of the five most expensive residences in the USA. Designed by Nechodoma, according to some, a Frank Lloyd Wright copy cat, however he adapted the elements of his style
to the tropics, not a simple task.
This house was built, in the still wealthy, elegant, Miramar sector in San Juan.

It may seem I deviated from the subject. But architecture and landscape go hand in hand. Both require maintenance. The Georgetti was destroyed
to build ugly high rises with the aspect of a match box, seen from the top, custom and use down here.

Others were destroyed to build gas stations, a quick way to make a buck,
then. In essence, in Puerto Rico taste, good taste is pretty scarce, like water in Death Valley. Money, just money seem to move the jerks with it or wanting some.

The trees in the LMM Park are old, sick. MANY should be removed or pruned correctly, to see how they react and/or replaced. But we can forget about it. This
park and El Escambron are in the hand of the incompetent fools of PARQUES NACIONALES.

The water closets in both public places stink as bad as those reviewed before, Guanica, Luquillo and Seven Seas in Fajardo. Leaves, fronds, seeds, garbage bags, are everywhere in this scenic, or former scenic space.
The jerks with acute cretinism have planted so many PALMS, that in some
areas they obstruct the view of the OCEAN, believe it or not.

Nothing, I will have to stay home with my collection. The miracle? Have not forgotten. The Oregano and Albaca, check for the botanical name if
you may, have resuscitated. They appeared on the casualties list in the
most recent INVENTORY, however I want to share the good news. THEY
have made a comeback!


I have been looking at the few books about
architecture in Puerto Rico, available in Borders.
It is impressive the lack of attention and imagination to plants, trees, bushes and
ground covers used. They are just common place, cheap after thoughts.
Puerto Rico is a concrete asphalt jungle with architects,

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