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miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009


I HOPE NO one will mind If I go stray subject wise. I was listening to some BANDA music, you know the mostly brass huge bands that play music with a ska or polka hint.
I am mad about ska/regue and love polkas also. How come no one has thought of taking that damn hot music to create a product with GANJA motives musical influences, Marley, the Britisht Ska/Regue Movement, The Selector, UB40, Black Uhuru, 38th Special, with that brass sound it would kick ass and butts alike.

At any rate, when I was a child most PR islanders watched the two or three tv channels available. Most of the tv movies came from countries indicated in the tittle. Mexico
and Spain were the top. However, Mexico, for some reason that I can not define made
better movies. I remember one scene (it is only 45 years old), Pedro Infante, the handsome, strong, actor, singer came back to the apartment with some present for his child. He was very happy since he had been unemployed for some time. The happiness for both child and dad, was short lived. The child as you may have guess
jumped out of the balcony from a second floor, with results determined by laws
of gravity.

There are other great actors one particularly, he made it to Hollywood, but was not the only one. Pedro Almendaris in from Russia with Love has great scenes and dialogues
except pressing too hard when shot in his right arm at the Roma village. There was also an ugly woman Dolores del Rio? With eyes as billiard balls who got good roles
with John Wayne?

Other actors; Jorge Negrete also a singer, comedians that do not seem funny now at all Clavillazo, Resortes, Viruta y Capulina, Tin Tan who was perhaps the exception, his brother. There was one who became a legend on his time Mario Moreno,(Cantinflas) his comedy
based on language riddles, semantic games was all right at the time, and original.

For some reason no other women come to mind but I am sure there were plenty. I think that most of the Mexican studios production followed the successful genres
in Hollywood with others really original.

There are a bunch of movies with wrestlers as heroes, certainly with masks. These
fellows either Santo or Blue Demon fought against guys like Frankestein, Dracula, Werewolf, and the rest. Those movies were great. Some were so bad that for the
quality, plot and acting, are great to watch now.

But I will confess a secret. NEVER in my life then or in recent memory had I seen
a movie about MASKED boxers! Have you? I did watch some short bout between
our heroe masked, and the bad loser. This took place a month ago while libating
cereal with distilled sugar cane.

No memories from the rest except vague ones. In Cuban films nice butts, excellent
music could always
be expected at the Tropicana or whatever club, it never failed. Shots and knives.
Argentina and Spain? Besides Libertad Lamarque crying rivers, catarats, ponds,oceans, seas of tears were the rule. From Spain some squeaky irritating as hell boy soprano JOSELITO, god damn, what a squeaky voice. And so they lived happily
ever after...

Bonus. All these is also result of listening to LOS LOBOS, a legendary group who had ten good years or so in the USA musical scene. Fortunately, I got the chance to see
listen to them in Central Park, NY , moons ago. I still play their music, enjoying
above all their MUSICA NORTENHA.

Of the countries mentioned in my limited access to movies I declare SPAIN the
butt kickers for the last ten, twenty years? time to go............

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Juanml dijo...

I was a big fan of Marisol (thanks to youtube i'm still watching her).

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Pues le recuerdo, a la Marisol, claramente, luego fue Raphael.
Luego todo cambio, aparentemente
ya no hay mujeres, ni hombres
que canten, actuen de ese modo.
Ahora lo que existe es un vacio
como un agujero negro........