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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009


HAVE YOU WONDER, what it takes to do the inventory? First, I check on my journal where new arrivals are written down to keep a back up and quick reference. Later, I check on the previous inventory in the blog to eliminate casualties, to search for pictures to refresh what is what.

Of the one hundred names I work constantly with maybe fifty, I remember those names. The rest are gone with the wind and I have to check frequently to remember
what is what. The vulgar name wont do because a lot of what I have collected is not
common place. One example will suffice: Commelina elegans. This a relative
of Tradescantias, used to feed rabbits and chickens. They love it. This plant known
as 'coitre' has the most intense blue indigo one can find in the wild tropical plants over here. A really impressive weed, self seeding, a pain in the ass if you ask me.
However, the beauty of the flower is so magnificent that I always leave some to show.

I have found many botanical names by accident. In book stores for example. However, this source is no longer available. Borders the biggest chain here, has only crap in the book shelves, for example the dull, elementary, common place and predictable, 2uglas Kndelabro. Even worst, the variety in the book store offer has decreased by two thirds. Other botanical names are found in blogs, particularly 'In Art lies my life' from India or Australia. Catalogs and magazines, are also a great source to find names. Unfortunately, many are useless except for gardening education and culture, since the great majority are from template climates.

In Puerto Rico, believe it or not there are NO public libraries, do not ask me why. Perhaps they do not like to read, or to return the books. Who knows? Libraries are found only in Universities that are/used to be, just like parks to chat and enjoy the cool refrigerated environment among friends not to study.

The gardening in the dirt part of the title consisted of repositioning a couple of Plumerias in the ground, for aesthetic reasons. The odd triangular growth of three branches that would become a pedestrian obstacle if not replanted accordingly. I do not prune Plumerias at all. It will destroy their beauty permanently. The Tamarindus indica is growing at light speed, really unusual. The grafted lemons and oranges are doing great, and so is everyjuan else. Almost time to go..
but first....


Perhaps you are into detective stories a la
Phillip Marlowe, Agatha Christies or Harry Potter books/movies.

If you belong to this segment of the population
and enjoy botanical names, potions, poisons, remedies,
and such, here is what you need to pass endless
moments of pleasure and use as a reference:

Wicked Plants
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

The cover, font, paper, illustrations,
botanical names, historical, medical anecdotes
about plants and what they do and could do to us and other
is remarkable. If you like books
check this one out.

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Vere dijo...

pucha es que vengo llegando de la oficina, y mi ingles es muy pero muy malo, y mi cabeza ya ha dado mucho por hoy. Ya se, copiare tu post y lo leo mañana.

Un saludo desde Chile.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Mi ingles no es nada del otro mundo,
ademas el post anterior a este es de
nombres botanicos.........
Suerte y exito en sus proyectos....