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jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009


I REMEMBER reading a whole page article in one of our news shoppers moons ago when the
BIO FUELS BANDWAGON took off with corn with lightning speed. It was written by some recent
engineering graduate. When I wrote to this paper personality with my not soft at all comments,
she inquired as to if I was angry. I declared that if the government of Puerco Rico, can not
construct/maintain a leveled gutter, sidewalk, highway or road, why would any fool write an
article about the possibilities of building any kind of sophisticated refinery to manufacture

Now you, well read/not at all, thinker or not, researching on your own or not, believing in god or not,
may have noticed the great issues of the environment for some time now: Global Warming and C02. A film crew shoots some bears, sea lions in their habitats, maybe a couple hundred of Inuits and preach about
how global warming is melting their environment. Or those communities of islanders living in below sea level territory, moving to higher grounds, or planning to do so....

Since the reality is there, I see it, I can not say the melting and increased sea level is imaginary, a farce. Same
goes with my blog, with the pictures of landscape installation/maintenance in Puerco Rico. You may not agree with my dislocated English, spelling mistakes, paragraph construction, you name it, but the pictures do not lie. I reiterate this is not perception of notions being portrayed here
is REAL, therefore any other focus on these issues suck. Now is time to wonder when exactly did the propaganda for biofools, (will see about my spelling soon), global warming and C02 started?

Was it when the price of oil was at its highest? Was it before the European, USA and other economies based on greed, real estate/banking scams came tumbling down like those well
known California avalanches during the rainy season? Was it when India and China economies were at the top their financial peak? Is it a way of slowing down this two countries, considering
the intention of paying for polluting?

Think about it...Now the simple one BIO FOOLS are really amusing since to manufacture a gallon
of ethanol requires 3 gallons of water. I do not see how that is going to be worked out. What about the byproducts? Do they pollute, create waste, will be recycled?

Jathropha seeds, oil palms, coconut oils, algae, sugar cane, is amazing how the imagination works to create fuel, or biofools. But not food. I have seen in Indonesia areas left bare the size
of Puerto Rico 100 miles X 35, to plant palms to create oil with this intention. There goes the ecology, biodiversity, orangutans, nature, water, and everything really.

But I find very irritating this worldwide stupidity, thank god not a monopoly of Puercoricans.
To create any biofool, apparently electricity is required, huge amounts of it. Will it come from
aeolic energy, photovoltaic? OR just electricity from OIL? And the water? What is the real
cost to NATURE, how do you know that if used in cars or buses it will be of any help?

I think it is a bunch of crap like religions, or the use of them to blow people in pieces with a promise of heaven.. Hybrid cars are pretty much in the same wave. Fifty four miles a gallon
claim our friendly people from Toyota. Why do people need to DRIVE at all, what were trains
created for? Buses? Where will the electricity to charge those vehicles in the comfort of your
house will come from? Oil, bio fuels, aeolic/ocean, photovoltaic energy? I think everyjuan
is being fooled as in BIOFOOLS, for nothing since there is going to be pollution one way
or the other. Now with the CO2 who is going to be the enforcer of ANY treaty? The United Nations? Words, words, and promises.. Time to go....

3 comentarios:

Beato dijo...

biofuels are plain wrong when food is used to offset the carbon dioxide emissions. the largest options to generate biogas, biodiesel,etc. are on the aaa sewage plants and on agricultural waste.
both can benefit from a centralized waste treatment center using anaerobic treatment to generate methane while eliminating a lot of waste to the landfill, and even beneficial byproducts such as compost or mulch.
hell, even the option of shredding and using tires as fuel was ignored by 'environmentalists'. the tire problem is still there.
not all biofuels are created equal.


Stephanie dijo...

I would like to see more greens anyway ;-D Don't forget, animals will compete with us for oxigen. So, plant tree is not a bad idea.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Thanks for the comments.

No comment
on Beato's since they are clear. Except two, if 3 gallons of water
are required to create one of whatever. How much electricity from OIL is required to manufacture the
I agree on the benefits, but
where is the good will to do
smart/wise things here?

On Stephanie's, remember in Puerco Rico no thought is given to the issue.

Trees by themselves do nothing for biodiversity. They have to be chosen
in context.

For example, if birds,bats eat fruit and help to pollinate how come you never see anyone with the idea? Not HERE.

No one plants trees for fruit for them. On the other hand, if the ecology, biodiversity is destroyed
planting trees is just a band aid,
better than nothing.

But here is the thing, if there is
no maintenance in the URBAN context,
is better not to plant. In Puerto Rico trees are executed and mutilated
daily for the most incredible excuses. Termites are now in fashion.

In brief planting trees without any
type of maintenance is fine in the
rural context, but not in the urban,
no matter the continent, in my humble opinion.