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martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009


PERHAPS gardens should be designed according to parameters to be created in terms
of the surrounding flora/fauna. Not necessarily by traditional composition concepts and dull landscape architects and agronomists as the public/private spaces in the concrete/asphalt platform isle of Puerco Rico show.

I was not certain of the consequences of planting a Calliandra haemathocephala in front of our residence on the west side. This tree, original from the faraway flat
lands of Bolivia, in the Mimosaceae family also known as Powder puff, is not our only
conversation piece. It is a battle ground for hummingbirds that will fight each other briefly
for sucking rights, an occasional occurrence in the early mornings. Spindalis, perhaps one of our most beautiful birds also hang out among the branches, looking
for the right angle to suck the nectar with their short beaks.

Black beetles prefer the Bauhinia flowers. This morning I got the chance to observe one at close range, in the east side garden. His body covered with white specks. I have read that many flowers develop shapes to make believe to some insects they are a female of the species. Today I confirmed it watching this black beetle enticed, moving as in a copulating fashion, petals of the flowers falling on the ground, something I was wondering about a week a go when the flower firsts bloomed.

These insects are probably NATURES' worst designed to fly. They are certainly awkward and never able to fly in straight lines. The Cavalinna maritima, a vine, is another of their favorites. It seems a rule that everyone one has color infatuations determined by genes. I only see these guys on flowers of the violet persuasion.

Bees and butterflies hang out with yellow, oranges and whites. Every one else is into reds, hummingbirds and Spindalis. Both species in love with the Ipomoea quamoclit, another vine that self seeds and could become a pain in the neck, if you are the organized, tidy, gardener freak. Any seed will grow anywhere, even in concrete cracks, beware.

However, I have decided to tolerate some situations that could be overwhelming with
certain plants and not others in terms of maintenance, for the simple way of solving the matter. Heliconias and Gingers, are not easy to get rid off, but with Ipomoea quamoclit pulling as in weeding will suffice.

Now while listening to "Thanks for the memories" by Rosemary Clooney, I leave.
Good luck to all and success in your projects for 2010.

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Stephanie dijo...

If you see one extraordinary landscape, remember to snap a photo to post up ok? I like to see new ideas and unique gardens. Have a fun-filled countdown to the new year :-D

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

That is going to be difficult. The reason why I am so unpleasant is precisely that there are NO extraordinary landscapes installations private/public in Puerco Rico that I know about or have seen. If there is one, eventually I will find out.

I am about to get a digital, but since
I have computer challenging issues will make no promises in the photo department.

One thing is certain, I will always
present what is wrong with gardening and maintenance in Puerco Rico, but could be right. Best wishes...

Holy dijo...

Well thats was really interesting, wish you would enjoy the holidays. Have a joyous and a lovely festive weekend.

dsi r4