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miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009


FORGIVE me for detouring..Now BLOGGER does not allow changes of font or using bold letters, as cute as they look..At any rate.. THE BEST OF 2009 will have to wait since I decided this news in brief, are worthy of mentioning since it is one of those first times in life.

Some months ago I took the initiative to make an inventory of the trees in Ponce de Leon Avenue, from the University of Puerto Rico to Cerra Street,in Miramar, in the the San Juan Metro Area. I counted, identified by botanical names and informed about the one hundred missing trees in empty spaces and the hundred of mutilated ones to the reader.

NOW there were news in the papers about an inventory in PUERTO RICO. A great surprise even though like mine, it will become water and salt. These fifty islander scientists encountered some sort of elk coral in the reefs, in 'danger of extinction', plus one turtle of whatever probably in the same classification. I am more interested in vegetation, however, there is no mention of anything counted on land. This problem, has been discussed here at least ten times. If they can not cover the 3,000 acres in question, why not a hundred? With a model they could give us an idea of what is there on the ground, trees or flying!

The big deal where is it? Right here. I has been mentioned in this blog, the decades custom of letting raw sewage spill into rivers, streams, marshes, sea,ocean and estuaries by the AAA, the government agency responsible for the treatment of used waters.

Another problem for coral reefs is the sediment from the mad HOUSING DEVELOPERS and HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, public/private, plus the created run off with huge areas covered with concrete/asphalt all over Puerto Rico, USA.

I have been bombarded with emails from GAIA, some environmentalist group recently organized, seemingly another branch from the local contemplative SIERRA CLUB, to do this or that: march, sign petitions, volunteer to care for children and such. I wonder the point
of educating children if the DESTRUCTION of the environment is done for profits, by adults

However, when I responded that I may collaborate if they sent me TWO volunteers to perform some GUERRILLA GARDENING correct pruning of some trees close by...They remained deaf,
mute,blind and autistic. There is reluctance from this segment of the population to do
real, pragmatic things for the environment. All is words, words, with the news media
close by.

Even though I have denounced the destruction of 12 acres in Trujillo Alto, Parque Donha Ines/Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin for the last 40 months, no ONE has said/written a word. In my opinion already expressed now, this futile attempt of saving the NORTHEAST
CORRIDOR is a waste of time for one simple reason. Even if the land/water is SAVED from construction of resorts and such, the surrounding area is already DESTROYED.

Not only that. What is the point of telling the WORLD that some coral reef in danger of
extinction is there, if the AAA has been polluting the WHOLE island with raw sewage for
the last forty years! HOW do you expect anything to survive, to save anything, without addressing this absurd situation as if one thing has no relation with the other?

That is why I can not join any of the foolish groups for the environment here. There is no
understanding of how nature, biodiversity works.., at least I do not see it. No FOCUS,unselfish vision of the collective. When I enquired as I did with mother goose of the lesperians regarding the petition to be offered to the executioner of 007 RN
regarding some late trees: "Something has to be done" were the enlightening words from
the matriarch.

I tell you blind islanders or perhaps blindfolded, get your act together. A band aid here
or there, will not help the cause. The artificial effervescence of marches, silly planting
of trees, never fruit ones, in the wrong contexts without any plan for systematic maintenance is as foolish as doing nothing, since you create more problems than what you
think solved. Now is time to go...

It will be nice if those
nice fellows of the Subba Dogs
persuasion could meditate on this:
The point of clean sand
with echoli in the salty
waters..Palabras con Luz...

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