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lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009


I HAVE left no doubts about my intense dislike for any activity that helps the destruction of flora and fauna, slight/heavy. GOLF is perhaps one
of the top activities destroying the environment without any kind of criticism or
awareness from our ENVIRONMENTAL INQUISITION, in Puerco Rico, however,
they are worried about some CORRIDOR that most people do not even know
where the hell it is or too far to visit. World Wide there are others, those who decide
which animal, plant, insect is in danger of extinction...Apparently golf is cool for them. BAN GOLF.

After this intro...According to SETH MYDANS, from the NY TIMES, 20 October 2009,
in the Dai Lai Golf Course in the Vinh Phuc province thousands of people were removed from their farms for its construction. An 18 hole course, consuming 177, 000 cubic feet of water a day. Or enough H20 for 20,000 households. There are 13 established golf courses. You please do the adding...

Think for a moment of your particular country, and follow the steps... It is an outrage
to destroy the environment from scratch, flora, fauna, polluting with herbicide,
fungicide, fertilizer, insecticide, creating pollution with noise, spills of oil/gas, fumes,
and this unjustified water waste with irrigation for the keep up of GRASS. Now stretch your imagination.

How many golf courses are there in Arizona, Nevada, Egypt, Arab Emirates, to name a few? Do you get my drift with this water waste? To watch the cute, little white ball rolling down the smooth, luscious green, even prairie to sink it in a little hole? Golf should be portrayed in the same light as cigarettes since the damage affect others, doing the same for the environment, causing pleasure among the golf players, with nothing in return for nature....except destruction...


Let me remind you, my concern about the environment covers the whole scheme in Puerco Rico and other places. I have no limits or narrow notions, since nature is a WIDE whole and
I try to leave nothing uncovered, since it is evident.

I keep in touch with that important segment of people working, setting the trends that screw up our surroundings with their stance and landscape maintenance/installations. I do not see why it would be different in your country.

If mistaken, please holler. This excerpt is from 'Landscape Management', the best magazine about the subject. It is very briefly the latest
worry from the "Green Industry", which proves my stance. EVERYONE is into their niche, keeping their income in their pocket, screw the environment.

"The CA Department of Water Resources released and updated (MWELO) or Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. It
states all cities in California will have rules to limit the amount of
water used for landscape irrigation by January 2010.

Landscapers and irrigation experts have expressed their concerns about
the provisions.
  • Water budgets for landscape prevention of excessive erosion and irrigation run off
  • Landscape and irrigation design requirements
  • Use of recycled water where available
Irrigation audits and scheduled irrigation based on local climate

Their real concern?

" In a real sense this is government dictating what types of landscapes property owners in California will have and how landscape professionals will be providing
services to their customers".
Ron Hall
Rhall @questex.com
Landscape Magazine


The Green Industry has created for itself multiple problems from their greed and lack of vision. When there is a lengthy drought they think: irrigation systems, for example. When they design a garden, it should have a pond, a fountain, a fire place for entertaining,
computer irrigation systems, palm trees, hedges and TURF. Some or all the above.
Always looking for the extra buck from the customer.

If the government tells, impose the wealthy or common citizen how
to create a garden for the benefit of the WHOLE community, FLORA AND FAUNA
what is wrong with that? I feel these people protecting their interests and profits
have similar views regarding the right to bear arms. Everyone should have the right to have one to protect their property.. It tell them SCREW YOU.

The environment is OURS, our responsibility. If the state eliminates
all the excesses, corny and tacky installations, wasteful of water and requiring
a lot of polluting maintenance, screw them...From now on waste will be controlled. Now is time to go....


In cold Europe, the use of water to create snow
to allow the fools to go skying and snow boarding.

Yachting, have you noticed the bluish diesel floating around
any marinas?

Any type of motorcycle and car racing. Have you seen those big
as football stadiums cruisers in the ocean? Where do you think
they throw their multiple kinds of garbage..

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Stephanie dijo...

Gosh I didn't realise those golf courses are so damaging to our environment. Yup I hope they would limit construction of golf courses then. Nonetheless, have a wonderful Tuesday!

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Hi Steph,

You are not the only
one, they look so pretty.

Even those firebrands
protecting the environment
for "future generations",
do not see it.

Most of them have lawns.
As you may know ONE HOUR
with the lawnmower
gives us as much C02 as
an ecotourist drive for
twenty miles.

Dhairya Thakker(Admin) dijo...
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Antigonum Cajan dijo...
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