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martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009


The year is about to end with the natural high and lows.. I thank all of
you who dropped by frequently or just once in a while. Be good for
goodness sake.


In January, there was a rare article on stereo equipment, for those readers
my age (57). Younger folks may have no idea of what I wrote about, but it will
be good reference to study the way people listened to music in the past. It
was more than plugging an ear phone or just finding the signal in the dial. Smell,
reading, cleaning, and great skill to place the needle without screwing up the lp.
A bonus about the importance of feeding insects is also there.


Besides planting, collecting propagating, watching insects at work, useful or not
is a great pastime. I enjoy caterpillars particularly, and do not kill them at
all. Quite the contrary, I adopted a couple recently to avoid sweeping the leaves
from the Frangipanis, with little success. For the first time in 3 decades there
was a snail attack in the garden, mostly after heavy rains. Big ones about a quarter
coin in size..Those I found were flown next door in Concorde fashion, I can not step
on them unless by accident. Somehow, these articles about insects attracted many comments.
Insects are really an addition to a well thought garden. If there are no insects
in your garden, you have got a sterile prairie. When pests make
their entrance, they are received with dish soup/hot sauce spray with the prescribed
frecuency. However lets mention that once or twice, lady bugs appeared to help without
having to call 911. As you may know they eat their enemies, your enemies quickly.


I am still in January, this may be as long as the Human Rights Declaration..Something
somewhat hilarious since no one pays any mind to it, just as the environment. At any rate,I will call him Pain in the Ass Tony, a neighbor across the street, not of my liking. This jerk with sun burned Syngonium planted at the entrance of his residence, in containers, came to complain about another repugnant neighbor, a pimp looking one, likewise and his many cats. Tony, the stupid fool went to the hardware store. Spent a lot in gravel and concrete pavers..to stop the felines. I did not think of it at the time but he could have placed a net of the chicken wire kind. Nowadays you could find them in plastic, nice and elegant. Stopping the cute ones from entering and pooping on his premises for less that fitty.

I will go now...There are eleven months to choose from. This project is going to be hard.
Picking up the best posts is hard, not because they are my children, but for a simple
reason. MY anger at stupidity, is getting dull, as when under anestesia. What is/are the best? Those with verifiable references, mine or yours? Regarding gardening/horticulture in Puerco Rico, the tropics and four seasons contexts? Or because you in the five continents, distant and far away may have observed the same stupidity in your country?
Or could the best posts could be, in my opinion those with snarky comments as one acute reader put it...If you have one let me know..We shall continue....


THE character in question is landscape management-installer scam artist with whom I worked
for perhaps 3 months. His address in Puerco Rico is 77 Adonis Street, in Alto Apolo,Guaynabo City, a somewhat wealthy neighborhood. This post shares briefly his maintenance skills, his cocaine habit, ripping off his customers, planting contaminated with white flies Ixoras for
example... Besides going to bed with too many of his ugly divorced single mother customers, while I was under the tropical heat weeding! A real trip that shows exactly the parameters of landscaping practices in Puerco Rico, witnessed by yours truly..As we say for a token one button suffices.


This March post, is clear in terms of what is happening in many sectors of the edible gardening fads in Puerco Rico..Imagine that, paying fifty bucks, to be taught how to plant
tomatoes,lettuce and such and having to work on top as a VOLUNTEER, believe it or not.
I am under the impression when I visit their blogs, that part of that gardening is also
spiced with GANJA, nothing wrong with that...but why not be honest about it? Smoke, snort,
acid is cool in these quarters, but lets not be a hypocrite about any of it...
Time to go..NINE MONTHS TO GO.

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