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lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


the keyboard operator
and antigonum the humble

THANKS to all of you following the right/wrong, logical/illogical,
fair/unfair rants for the last twelve months, no matter where you are.
Bellow you will find a list of what I want to happen soon, here and there.


YOU BASTARDS ARE AN EXAMPLE of what is wrong in this shitty isle.
Why do we have to pay almost 8 bucks to watch with the volume all the way UP, the home made dull commercials for Mickey D, BK, KFC, Church's, Harris paints, Toyota, Sprite, Coke, and every other mother fucking commercial imaginable for almost thirty five minutes
Why is it that every bright/dummy puercorican tolerates this shit, without protesting? I have never seen anything like this anywhere else.

Another thing, could the jerks managing these theaters do something about the noise of the candy wraps? People chewing pop corn right behind you or sideways? Make a rule: NO EATING DRINKING EXCEPT
DURING PREVIEWS, and during the kind gesture of thirty five minutes of commercials.....One last thing if not to much to ask. FORBID CHILDREN
during certain hours. Why do I have to listen to children screaming no matter what? Have some EXCLUSIVE hours for FAMILIES, restaurants should do the same!


When I watch TV from SPAIN, regarding the subject, it is
really sad to be aware of the incredible, bright, intelligent film industry
in: Australia, China, Japan, India and Spain. There may be others but
one has to stop somewhere. The pertinent thing is, what is the point of
making great films (artsy or not) if the MEDIOCRE, for the populace HOLLYWOOD industry, dominates somehow, has a monopoly on the theaters where films are shown.

The situation is so bad that I went only 3 times last year, to watch,
'The Informant',' Avatar' and some piece of shit, 'Transformers'. I am
not an expert, but I have watched over two thousand in the last ten years.
Mostly when I was in Brooklyn with 3 video stores within two blocks.

Back to the studio, when I see the people making great films discussing their effort, always lacking money, with too much creativity, to find venues to show their work, the question arrives quickly, when will people in the trade start building/renting spaces to show it? The commercial sector is not going to do it...after all, profits is their only concern..What are they waiting for?


I stopped my ecotourist strolls some time ago. I got tired of the dirty, weedy, uneven, cracked sidewalks. Or the cars parked on them, making Puercorico the CAPITAL of the architectural barriers in FIVE CONTINENTS.

The highways and roads are pretty much like a MOONSCAPE, but not with the beauty of the light, but the texture, craters, covered without compacting or leveling the surface. Even in high falutin places where one
would expect a little sophistication in this regard.

The roads, highways in the METRO AREA of San Juan have not been paved correctly in the last thirty years! Believe it or not. One, may speculate if the almost illiterate politicians go to work by helicopter, or
boat, since they do not notice....That is why being an auto mechanic here is just wonderful.

The water closets in EVERY public beach and recreational spaces are a vile shame and the responsible should be whipped in public.

The amount of abandoned buildings is a real trip. On the other hand, tropical sky scrappers are coming up like spores, without any possible,
real buyer at hand.


If you enjoy one in the tropical heat or the coolest coasts of Ireland to name one, you will certainly have a sad encounter with our reality.
Down these primitive Puerco Rican latitudes, there are 4 stinking beers in 95 out of 100 places: Coors, Budweiser, Medalla and Heineken. That is our wide spectrum in the island. On top, some ridiculous laws forbid more than 10/12 ounces per bottle/can.

If you are fortunate, in the metro area, some supermarkets have some quality, from far away places ones, for an arm and a leg. Why can't we have affordable good beer here? Other civilized countries do.


PRETENTIOUS come to mind when looking at the wine scene in the isle.
THERE IS one foreign jester that regularly writes about wines in one of the local newspapers. It is as if every islander drinks thirty gallons
of red, white, or rose a year, can tell the difference between pinot or shiraz (to name two) when in reality, only a certain minuscule segment of the population will engage in this activity. As you know, it has to do with budget, knowledge and taste. I prefer the drinking...

I confess certain weakness for those of Australia, Chile and Argentina.
When in Queens, New York there was Romanian and Yugoslavian reds at budget prices I really enjoyable. I believe there is a lot of crap among
people in the wine industry. That is why not many people over here are into them.. My rule is ten bucks or less a bottle, always red, from those countries mentioned. Wine is not rocket science even though the jerks
in the industry, seem always happy to complicate the activity...

As you see from this rough sketch, in my view, the quality of living in Puerco Rico is very slim. The little things that make life pleasurable do not exist nor are they available.. Not even a park or garden, worth of mentioning in the Metro Area. It is my perspective, and suggest you look
around yours...Are you happy with your surroundings?

I try to improve mine as I go along, but can not be smiling at the scenery since there is very little hope to improve this noisy, dirty valley of tears. Time to go....



The JERKS of the G8 Community, better start repairing the ugly plastic
covers placed on the bridge columns to hide the robbery of the art deco
lamps, since they are falling apart as I predicted ten months ago.

The Scubba Doggs fools into the cleaning of beaches/sand, to start a campaign against the AAA, the government entity polluting salty and
fresh water with raw sewage for the last four decades. FREE ECHOLI BEACHES FOR ALL, should be the motto/slogan.


IT IS ALL RIGHT if you insist on wrapping yourself in the flag, but do not
expect any sympathy if what you write is just like that QUE PASA traveling
magazine for tourism.

If there are four newspapers, I do not see why SO many compatriots are into the analysis of what others with nothing better to do, write about with similar identical views, expressed in almost the same exact
creativity of the rest. Later they scratch each other backs and topping it with prizes of all kinds, a classical joke, Until then...

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