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viernes, 1 de enero de 2010


THE YEAR STARTED pretty well. Painted with ochre a metal pot with Turnera subulata, the Bauhinia tomentosa is now on his own pot, the only survivor out of 20 seeds, and irrigated everyone in the yard. Placed some new pictures still wondering
if it is worth it, since this is not a blog of photography.

If you wonder about the tittle, I thought appropriate to express how I perceive this humble blog among the tens found in the Puercorican blogosphere. It could be my imagination, or just the not pretty scenery
surrounding yours truly, a painful, real hell like picture.

I have kept my focus on the issues, trying to level anger with objective, even when it has been useless most of the time.
Regarding the environment in the Puercorican concrete/asphalt isle, there seems to be an urgent need to appear in the news, printed and electronic among some fools into lobbying for this or that.

I bet too many of these do gooders play golf, have lawns, hedges and palm trees in their residences. Those are four capital sins in the world according to endemismotrasnochado, your humble servant and the keyboardist in charge.

The most recent band wagon issue is a Northeast Corridor by the Atlantic.
50 'scientists' in this persuasion, went to do some inventory, however, what they found was in the salty waters...Surprise...some what else "in danger of extinction coral reef species", and a turtle. That was that! No
vines, trees, bushes, weeds, plants, ground covers, birds, insects or reptiles were mentioned in the news paper. The emphasis was in the
local mantra "danger of extinction". I ask again who determines that,
compared to what and the credentials of those propagating such rumors,
that not many inquire about accepting any DOE (danger of extinction) story of the moment accepting it as gospel.

I do not know where the hell exactly is this Corridor, but is not near my
residence, is not in the Metro Area where hundred of trees have been mutilated and or destroyed. This is my concern. This is where trees should be planted and cared for. THE URBAN CONTEXT, JERKS! Get
of your cars and watch what happens.

The Corridor is around three thousand acres. Their fear? The HOUSING DEVELOPERS with their GOVERNMENT accomplices and 007 Recursos Naturales will take some of these lands to construct resorts...And there
goes MOTHER NATURE. However, if most of the best soils, scenery, has
been destroyed previously, without any opposition what is the big deal now? I think is too late. Planting a thousand trees seems the solution to
any environmental destruction. The wrong trees, never the right ones,
are not planted in the urban context where they are needed the most,
but the hell away in any outskirt, where they will not help me or the flora/fauna close by..

These jerks have to get out of their cars and look around the streets, sidewalks, highways and face reality. They need not be afraid of the powerful Housing Developers/Banks, Highway Developers and fight
face to face without beating around the bushes.. Accuse and sue in court.
The Federal Forum preferably since the native courts are for sale constantly.

Now is time to go with the tittle in mind...

Those pictures

Diva the Cyperus lover dog
Bouganvillea, a work in progress
and Facade
not necessarily in
that order.

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