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jueves, 28 de enero de 2010


I DO not know what are the noise levels in your country, or your surroundings. I am certain however that if your houses, buildings, backyards are mostly concrete as ours, the heat at night, the constant noise night and day as Cole Porter, most be unbearable, unless you are deaf.

Behind our residence there is Universidad Sagrado Corazon. They installed what seems an illegal cafeteria, for many years. Since the owner
is a feeble minded fool without the adequate freezers, almost daily, I have
to deal with the diesel fumes, the noise of the motors, the beeps when in
reverse, the anti theft cars systems activated by the delivery trucks vibrations.

That is not all unfortunately. The garbage dumpster truck comes daily, it
used to be at 3AM until I protested. Now is at seven. Right now there is a
refrigerated truck waiting to be unloaded. I have to listen to the diesel one and the refrigerator also... There is also the voices, always hollering,
of the illegal/natives cheap labor they contract for the cafeteria and maintenance.

The next door neighbors from hell, I will call them the vampires, have those stupid play station games. These are only car racing, paintball,
and war games. The roar, explosions all the way up is all one hears at any time to an extent that the house vibrates, believe it or not.

They can not open the kitchen cabinet doors without slamming, or the uneven entrance, bedroom doors there always some kind of noise among
these weirdos. There is one, Darky, who can not make a five word sentence, spiced with foul language, without hollering at 1, 4 or 5 AM.
His car has a muffler gadget sounding almost like a Harley Davidson.

On top, the garbage truck at 3AM to avoid traffic jams. The fools with their cellular phones, sound as if in the living room, while walking in the west sidewalk in front of the house.

This alone is a great reason to plant whatever is suitable in your residence, if in tropical surroundings with a yard,
to reduce a little this maddening, irritating, annoyance.

Which reminds me of my last address in NY, 736 W 186 St. #6J. On top of
us there was a black ugly couple. It was a 45 apartment coop and rental. The rest of the population as most of the Upper West Side, is mostly Hebrews of all kinds and Hispanics.

Alfreeta Jonhson, had breasts as rugby balls and lips of fish with a flat, square butt. She 'played' the harp. Unless you live in an apartment in those cold places with wooden floors and sheet rock walls, one has no idea how LOUD any musical instrument sounds. These fish lips ugly witch could not play but five or six wedding type tunes, a pain in the ass.
She enjoyed practicing after nine pm...We ended in court when I stopped
paying the rent.

On top, when fornicating one could hear not the hollering but the squeaks of the cheap, shitty bed...When walking it was done on the heels, every step just like hitting the floor with a rubber mallet. Pure torture that has caused the death of many, or wounds when the irritation reaches that point beyond reason.

What is worst? I believe that deprivation of sleep is the cruelest form of torture. If you add some noise, you have created the perfect one.
In NY or any place where one has no choice but to be inside because of the
cold, it creates the most intense anxiety one could imagine.

Other repugnant noises are jukeboxes, home stereos, people/children in
malls chatting loudly non stop. I wonder why acoustics are not considered while designing those damn malls that I avoid like the bubonic plague.

A last word before the bonus. Noise is always increasing, everywhere. It is impossible to go to a bar, doctors office without a television blaring.
Always in the shittiest possible show, never any kind of documentary. A
really disturbing experience, the pollution no one talks/writes about.
It is like it does not exist.


Attempted planting of
seeds of Ipomoeas, Merremias,
Cavalina, Thespesia populnea in
Hospital San Carlos, an abandoned
building. Aborted since some strangers
were in the surroundings placing cinder
blocks on were the stolen aluminum windows
had been removed.

Armed with my weeder, I moved to the 2ND option, the official
Guerrilla Garden, planting the seeds
between the cyclone fence and the sidewalk
right by a huge Pithelobium dulce.

I moved to the next site, Banco Popular. The high ground
is mostly gravel, once white, I dug a four inch
deep hole as an experiment.

From there we attacked the Sagrado Corazon.
This college has a concrete/iron fence about four feet high.
In total, 50 seeds were planted, equally distributed. Fortunately, as I
write is raining....I expect that perhaps ten will survive for a while.
That is that....

2 comentarios:

Stephanie dijo...

Noise is in-avoidable. It is everywhere. Recently it is reported in our papers that even the noise level in shopping malls are high. But home is a place where there should be no noise/distrubance. We all need a place to relax to the fullest after a hard day's work. Have a pleasant evening and weekend!

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

One can avoid noise, avoiding people.
The problem is that when it rains or is cold is impossible, unless in a room with the air conditioner on, with the damn humming or I what can I write?
It is not easy, to find quiet.
Same to you....