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sábado, 9 de enero de 2010


YESTERDAY was blog hunt day. As usual in the island, only jamborees are done properly, is in the blood. The most original blog tittle this time: "Ideas without thoughts".
A wide segment of the blog population believe that such tittles are original, witty, unique. There is one Alphabet, Ms. Conscience and so on. With such nomenclature one would expect some, maybe one, really wild ideas, a word, a concept, jargon, but no, is all make believe. The same manure, another day.

In the evening it was GEOAMBIENTE time. An entertaining, educational, TV program about everything related to the Puerco Rico's environment with host, Maria Falcon. She owns some w i d e hips, humongous thighs, not far from those of Victoria Zanabria, a folk singer, some sizes bigger, something wild if you are into anatomy and symmetry. At any rate, Ms. Falcon, also the producer, has an extremely squeaky, annoying voice, with speech gestures, enunciation, that wild drive you nuts even if you are just reading her
lips. Something out of this world.

The program is inconsistent for a tendency to ask silly questions to uninitiated people, unable to respond briefly, originally, to the point. This is a consequence of either nervousness or just language challenged people. A national patrimony observed in
many, too many television figures in any type of show, news, comedy, you name it. This program should/could be better. I have written with suggestions to the above mentioned falling in deaf ears.

EL YUNQUE, was the subject. Ariel Lugo, with his sour, unhappy like speech delivery, talking about ecosystems, biodiversity and water, his
area of expertise. Since shrimp for example, hang out in fresh and salt water, migrating, what happens to one or the other precious liquid, affects the possibilities of survival.
If you remember previous posts, the Atlantic ocean/Caribbean sea are our sewage treatment plant. So long
for the shrimps.....

The surprising theme, is the care, methodology, systematic study of that doomed forest, EL BOSQUE NACIONAL DEL CARIBE, a TREASURE, the only rain forest of this king in USA, territory. There is some Institute of Dasonomy, with plenty of well paid federal employees, from top to bottom. What is wrong with this picture?

Simple. Puerto Rico is a platform of concrete/asphalt that grows like a skin cancer. The amount of heat irradiated by these kind of materials is amazing. Therefore I would take some of these bright, bilingual scientists to the URBAN CONTEXT to study what has survived in depth:plants, trees, birds, insects and else.

Why should I care about el YUNQUE now? Tomorrow, whatever is being researched today is meaningless since the ecology, near by biodiversity is destroyed daily with a snap of the fingers, as fast as possible, avarice, the motivation, by the private industry, construction developers, landscape installation/maintenance enterprises, with bribed accomplices in every government agency. Even the tribunals are in the same bag as demonstrated by the Paseo Caribe affair.

The AAA with sewage in every body of water imaginable on one hand and their
electricity counterparts the AEE, jerks in charge of mutilating, destroying the architecture/scaffold of millions of trees with machetes/chainsaws to 'protect'
the electric wires that should be underground to begin with.

Do not go yet. This Francis Bacon portrait of PUERCO RICO is not over. Please
add the accomplices of ARPE, in charge of permits, 007 Recursos Naturales, Fideicomiso and Parques Nacionales directed by feeble minded, with overlapping
duties, totally absurd. The last tree agencies should be able to provide at least
an inventory of this or that, but it is not the case. The blind leading the blind.

Meanwhile the useful idiots have an Internet campaign to convert EL YUNQUE into
some WONDER WORLD MARVELOUS whatever...With the destroyed infrastructure, not a clean toilet in sight for miles, a road/highway not reminding of the moon paved......What else but...time to go...

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