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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


I HAVE had this post in mind for a long time. TOOLS. I believe that a wise gardener will have the right, precise tools for the task at hand. You may have noticed a certain
ability here for criticism, tools are not an exception. A gardener could be judged by
the knowledge and use of tools, even if he/she never has a chance to use or buy them.

Lets start with the hands, gloves, cheap or expensive. If you use ridiculous gloves for
construction, you will have no tact, for planting/re potting, fool. USE gardening gloves.
My favorites are the rubber/fabric type. You decide what is best starting with your budget and comfort. If you use gloves you will not get bruised/cut easily.

If you are an 'elegant' former ladies man, you do not want sandpaper textured palms/fingers. Ladies will not go for it.. Neither will the ladies tolerate to have ugly
hands. Please do not use dish washing gloves, unless dealing with wet situations.Using them will reduce dirt on nails. You could find web sites selling soaps, scrub, hand care lotions and other products to protect your skin when gardening.

A nice cool hat. Not the clown tourist like with a huge wide rim. Get something elegant, not an absurd baseball cap. The material should be breathable, preferably in a light color, perhaps washable. If your hat make you look like a clown, just as the one
preferred by Alberto Areces Mallea, it will give away your sophistication and your gardening skills, in this case, ZERO.

Something to protect your eyes is relevant, particularly among shitty Gingers/Heliconias. Short pants and long sleeve shirts/polos if under the sun for long periods of time. That is that in this department. Since I do not use trimmers, blowers, or lawn mowers, nothing on that. You may research on your own.

To be continued....

On strategics for the legal/illegal, authorized/unauthorized planting of whatever, or Guerrilla Gardening, a movement originated in England, with many chapters over there, here is what
my practice has taught me. This is for Puerco Rican islanders. You in your country of preference should think, develop, convenient strategies.

The chosen site should be at a walking distance or by car. If there are too many cars and no parking then, you see it. Carrying of water is also a consideration, to irrigate when necessary.

The planting of the chosen ones should take place during rainy days or afterwards. First reason
is that a softer soil will be easier to dig, even if mostly construction debri as my chosen site. The second, is reducing the stress for vegetation on a saturated soil will increase survival odds.

Planting on a site close by, will allow for irrigation trips and inspection. As reported recently
the Tamarindus indica was mutilated with a machete. One maguey uprooted. The
first has a great chance to survive since the cut at around twelve inches from the ground, a healthy root system, will help the healing. The second cut in two pieces and thrown away, was
replanted in the original place and the other piece with roots perhaps twenty feet away.

My guerrilla in statistics and possibilities required a new stance. Two casualties. Fifty percent of survival rate is better than nothing, but not good enough. Therefore, I took around twenty seeds of Cavalinna maritima a vine/climber; planting them in ten different spots, concentrating intion e bare ground spots where the trimmers may not come, without grass. In adition, tree Turneras ulmiforme about 18' tall in a wise spot.

Now you may inquire, why do I insist? For the hell of it! Not all the seeds will grow at the same time, some will live longer. The Turneras will have to produce some seeds to be able to sustain the struggle, otherwise they may end like the Tamarindus, dismembered or uprooted like the Maguey. From now on I will concentrate on short bushes, preferably self seeding types, seeds of all kinds and watch what happens.. Time to go.

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Stephanie dijo...

Sometimes (most of the time, I just use my bare hand), I use plastic bags to protect my hands. I just put my hand into one plastic bag and the other hand into another. After I finished with digging and transfering of plants, I just toss them away. I know it is not environmental friendly but I am not used to wearing glove. Moreover I dislike washing them.

Btw, thanks for that reminder... protect the eyes. I don't wear glasses. So, there are times that I have to be extra careful. My aloe vera is always blocking at my sight.

Nice post! Have a great weekend Antigonum.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Well, most people do that, go bare. Using plastic bags is a good idea. I am not too concerned about the environmental aspect of the plastic, because I am always doing something
to improve it, at home or outside. I think that is real versus the wordy position of the computer/at office environmentalist, MOST of them...

Using gloves is not comfortable for most. I do wonder if they are
gardening gloves. I see people using the hard ones proper for construction.

However I prefer to use gloves, particularly If in direct contact with ground/soil.

With thorny plants it helps
to avoid accidents. With gravel for
example, bare hands is not practical.

Thanks for the feedback...Same to you...